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Lymington can be what we make it! 

Including an ever better place for us young to hang out.


kitesurfing in the Solent

Hello everybody. Growing up near Lymington has given me the luxury of many things. The countryside, open outdoors and the peace when you need it. However, being a young adult, you need and must have a social life, as you can't be staring at trees and wild ponies all day. Here at Lymington and all the surrounding areas you have lots of things to do right at your door. What I'm here to do is to help our age to get the best out of where we live. 

Calling all movie lovers, music tasters, fashion cravers, sport believers, photo creepers and bargain hunters.  Here's what we have for you to check out on Lymington.com:

We've got pubs giving us fresh new local acts, something for us to listen to when we're out with our friends on Friday/Saturday nights. We have films for you to watch, all the latest blockbuster hits and more for film fanatics out there. Lymington is a very active town, and we take pride in all the sports we do, on land and water. We have a buzzing town quay with an outdoor sea water baths, keeping us active as we soak in the sun (when it’s out!)

There's a sport out there for everyone to play or watch. Shopping! Another one of the things Lymington has plenty of, not just the main retailers but we will help keep an eye out for the independent shops too, and they’ve got some great stuff! So, unless you're earning ridiculous amounts of money and can afford expensive brands, sales are good from time to time, right? That's what I'm here for, to help us get the most out of what we can as an age group, and also to help save your bank from feeling sorry for itself.

So if you're a musician or band looking for an audience to give you some feedback and the recognition you deserve, why not let us promote you on Lymington.com? Any films that are worth going to see? We will let you know about it. For all you sporty people out there, let us know what you're doing, how you're getting on and what you've achieved. Any sports/activities you think people should know more about, speak up. Fashionistas, male or female! We will give you the best of our local taste buds in case you've missed a piece that captures your eye. Like taking photos? If you're an upcoming photographer who has some great photographs of our local area or of people taking part in sports, events or anything you think takes our fancy on this page, we'd love you to tell us.

Our age are the future of Lymington, we need to have our own opinions. Our interests need to be understood and looked at. That's what I'm going to do, hopefully with your help we can get the most out of where we live. 

April 2014


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