Lymington's new skate park is open!

Lymington's new skatepark is open!

The fantastic new facility in Woodside Park.

This week, the new skatepark in Woodside Park is OPEN!!!!! In time for the summer holidays and hopefully some fine weather!

 Project manager Matt Totczyk is thrilled to see this project finally open. "Enjoy it, respect it, look after it," he said. "Today there were at least 35 people down the park...a busy day used to be 5 people! So stoked to see so many people already. Massive massive thank you to everyone that has helped out over the last 3 years.

A special thanks to Mark Drury at SPUD Youth for all your help, without you, this park would not be there today. A massive thanks to Gravity Engineering Ltd for the incredible design and build. And a big thanks to the town council for your support. Here's to the future of Lymington skatepark!!!!!"

lymington new skate park

new skate parkThe skatepark project has been run by the local skaters of Woodside and has had massive support from the local council.

The old skatepark had served its purpose for over 10 years and had been beginning to show its age - rust holes, ramps coming apart from the concrete, and a rough floor making it difficult to ride. In contrast, the new modern, concrete skatepark will be fantastic for local skaters and will undoubtedly encourage others to take up skating! Skateboarding and bmxing are great sports that keep individuals and groups motivated, fit and healthy, safe, and 'off the streets.'


A town council spokesman said: “The new concrete design replaces the previous rusting skatepark. Safety is a priority with signage pushing for safety equipment to be used when enjoying the facility. And the skatepark to be used during daylight hours only. The scheme was finished on time, ready to be enjoyed throughout the summer.” 

The skate park opening follows a two-year fundraising campaign by members of Skate Lymington and other members of the community. Lymington and Pennington Town Council donated £135,000 to the project. Other contributors included the Veolia Environmental Trust, which awarded the project a grant of £29,431. Money was also donated by Waitrose, Lymington Lions, and Skate Lymington. The free facility was opened by the town mayor, Cllr Barry Dunning.

skate park concept



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