Good Luck Land Rover BAR from your supporters in Lymington

Good Luck Land Rover BAR from your supporters in lymington!

Lymington will be supporting Sir Ben and the team, which includes Lymington locals Matt and Ed, throughout the America's Cup

Land Rover BARTomorrow we see the start of the qualifying stage for the 2017 America’s Cup where Sir Ben Ainslie’s team Land Rover BAR will be striving to qualify for the America’s Cup match which begins on 17th June.

Lymington holds Sir Ben close to its heart, along with local team members Matt Cornwell and Ed Powys. Ben moved to Lymington with his family in 1996 and was given freedom of Lymington in 2013 following his fourth Olympic gold medal in the London 2012 Olympics. Matt Cornwell grew up in Lymington and was keen member of 9th Lymington Sea Scouts, spending as much time in boats as he could on the Lymington River. Ed Powys also grew up locally and has fond memories of sailing (and capsizing!) at Salterns Sailing Club as a child.

Find out more about the Land Rover BAR team.

About the America's Cup 

The America's Cup is named after the schooner America, which in 1851 won a race around the Isle of Wight from the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes, watched by Queen Victoria.

The trophy was originally known as the £100 cup, and its first winners donated the trophy to be a "perpetual challenge cup for friendly competition between nations".

America's Cup matches now take place every 4 years.

Competitors in the 2017 35th America's Cup Qualifiers will race in 15m yachts with 23m high solid wing instead of sails. These can power the boats to over three times the speed of the prevailing wind.

The catamarans' hulls carry manually deployed dagger boards, which bend through 90 degrees to form a hydrofoil. At speeds of around 14 knots this creates enough lift to raise the boat out of the water which dramatically increases its speed by reducing drag.

How the competition works

The Qualifiers are the first stage of a fairly complicated process. 

All six teams – Britain, Japan, USA (Oracle Team USA take part for practice purposes and because the winners of the qualifiers begin the America’s Cup match with a one-point advantage), Sweden, New Zealand, France – must compete in a double round-robin of match races, in which each team races the others twice.

The bottom-placed team are then eliminated and four challenger teams remain.

They will contest semi-finals and a final to see which boat gets to take on Oracle in next month’s America's Cup match.

You can follow up to the minute news on the official America's Cup Twitter feed HERE 

And the Land Rover BAR live blog HERE 

BBC Timings HERE  - it's on Channel BT Sport - try 115


The start has already been postponed because of high winds forecast but we believe the groupings and the order to be as follows.

Land Rover BAR logoRound robin 1

Race 1: USA vs France
Race 2: Sweden vs Japan
Race 3: France vs NZ
Race 4: GBR vs Sweden

Race 5: NZ vs France
Race 6: GBR vs Japan
Race 7: Sweden vs France
Race 8: USA vs GBR

Race 9: Japan vs NZ
Race 10: USA vs Sweden
Race 11: NZ vs GBR
Race 12: Japan vs USA

Race 13: GBR vs France
Race 14: Sweden vs NZ
Race 15: France vs Japan

Round robin 2

Race 1: NZ vs Sweden
Race 2: France vs USA
Race 3: Sweden vs GBR

Race 4: Japan vs France
Race 5: GBR vs NZ
Race 6: USA vs Japan
Race 7: France vs GBR

Race 8: NZ vs Japan
Race 9: Sweden vs USA
Race 10: NZ vs France
Race 11: Japan vs Sweden

Race 12: USA vs NZ
Race 13: Japan vs GBR
Race 14: France vs Sweden
Race 15: GBR vs USA

Good luck Land Rover BAR! #BringTheCupHome



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