A care home in Lymington where you can continue to live independently

A care home in Lymington where you can continue to live independently...

... in a beautiful environment, eating delicious meals (you don’t have to make yourself), doing the things you did before which you still want to do, making new friends and trying new activities...

Court Lodge Colten Care home in LymingtonIt really is time to reconsider previously held assumptions about care home living, many fostered upon us by the media. The negatives don’t apply to modern professionally run care homes like Colten Care’s, and a visit to Court Lodge in Lymington reinforced so many of the positives that we must share them with you in case you’re considering – perhaps dreading – taking what seems such a final step.

Court Lodge Residential Care Home Lymington

Put simply, this is a home from home, run and managed by a lovely team of professional friendly staff, and the emphasis is totally upon you, your needs, and how you want to live your life. Some of it is hard to explain in words and really has to be experienced which is why it can be so valuable to take a short break and experience it for yourself. But even a short visit will enable you to get a sense of this lovely home and what it might be like to live there

A haven of tranquility and a leisurely and leafy home from home

Court Lodge Colten Care home in LymingtonThe building is a quadrangle with a lovely feeling of indoors and outdoors mingling together: the main rooms on the ground floor and the well appointed single bedrooms above look out on to a beautiful leafy central courtyard garden bursting with greenery and colour, with plenty of seating in both sun and shade.

Residents are actively encouraged to maintain their previous interests and live as independently as they wish thanks to the support of a remarkable team of professional staff. Everybody lives together in peaceful harmony coming together for meals and activities they wish to share but living independently.

Close to Woodside Gardens and a comfortable walk from the centre of Lymington

Court Lodge is situated in a quiet residential area off Ridgeway Lane close to Woodside Gardens and a comfortable walk from Lymington town centre, the Quay and the Marinas – and it really does feel close to all the facilities and amenities of Lymington.

Court Lodge care home in LymingtonOpen doors yet feels very private, safe and secure 

The building was carefully modernised from a private residence and from the moment you set foot in the door has a welcoming and homely feel. Greeted by Home Manager Sam and her team you feel distinctly at home and nothing seems too much trouble. On the day we visited Activities Coordinator Julia welcomed us with an enormous smile and immediately whisked us off on a tour of the home greeting residents as we met them along the way.

A happy and relaxed atmosphere

From the moment you step inside Court Lodge you get a sense of the bonding between staff and residents. Even in a heatwave in the middle of a power cut which had affected the local area everybody seemed chilled! Hot lunch had been calmly switched to sandwiches and a generator had already arrived and was being set up.

Colten Care’s longest serving employee Margaret celebrated her 70th birthday recently.

This YouTube film shows Margaret a few years ago talking about how she loves her job, which includes chatting with residents who stay in their rooms brightening their days while she cleans and tidies for them! 

Do whatever you want to do

Colten Care resident gardeningA day at Court Lodge can be as similar as a day in your own home as you want it to be. And whatever you used to enjoying doing when you lived in your own home, you can continue to do if you wish.

A typical day begins with getting up at whatever time suits you with a choice of breakfast to suit your mood and appetite in bed, pyjamas, or dressed for the day in the dining room enjoying the view out to the beautiful garden.

Then there are lots of activities and outings organised by the staff in which you’re welcome to take part if you’d like to. Many new arrivals make new friends with people they’ve just met and take up new activities together. Some of the men especially like to sit together at lunch and chat about those subjects which have always interested them. But if you prefer to take yourself out alone or with other friends or relatives on foot or wheels that’s fine too. And if you prefer to stay in your room that’s fine too. It’s all about you spending your time in the way you like best.

Live the life you want to live

Court lodge thailand bbq proved popular with residents in 2016Before he moved to Court Lodge, John swam daily at the Leisure Centre – which became conveniently just a short walk from his “new” home so he was able to continue as if nothing had changed!

Joan had always wanted to go on a balloon ride and with Julia’s help was able to realise her dream. She had also been a keen cyclist and fancied getting on a bike when Colten Care homes were raising money for Children in Need – so aged well over 100 she duly did her stint on the exercise bike.

If you’re a sailor, or a golfer, or a bird spotter, whatever your calling if you want to keep on doing it, you can! And if you want to do something but mobility issues are making it harder than it used to be, the staff will do their utmost to make it happen – often it’s simply a case of providing a little support.

As Sam says: “We hope our residents will stay as independent as possible for as long as possible! Whatever you like to do at home you should be able to just carry on doing here. If you don’t want to get up until 11 that’s fine by us. If you want to eat in the middle of the night you can – there’s always somebody on hand to get you a snack or a sandwich.”

Stay local and close to your friends

Colten Care homes provide reassuranceIf you’ve been living in or near Lymington for some time and have lots of local friends but know the time has come, Court Lodge is about as close to your own home in spirit as you could get, but with none of the chores!

Leave loneliness behind and make new friends

It’s often a wonderful discovery that the loneliness and tedium of living alone become history when you move to Court Lodge.

Try before you buy

Moving out of your own home is an enormous decision, it would be nice to test it!

A short stay at Court Lodge is the ideal way to see what it’s like to live there, and whether you like it. Two separate ladies recently came for a two weeks short stay, one stayed for six weeks and the other for eight! Both are now planning to move in long term. Another lady had a short respite stay at Court Lodge: three times her daughter came to collect her, each time  she declared said she wanted to stay longer!

Take a look at the Court Lodge website and if you’d like to visit just contact Sam!

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