Feeling groovy as Colten Care home celebrates Sixties style icon

Feeling groovy as Colten Care home celebrates Sixties style icon

A fun day of reminiscence prompted memories and conversation about life in the 1960s 

Avon Reach Colten Care reminiscence dayThe sights and sounds of the 1960s were back in vogue as a Dorset nursing and residential home tuned into a fun day of reminiscence.

The action at Colten Care’s Avon Reach in Mudeford centred around four Mini Cooper S cars, a style icon favoured by well-known Sixties’ figures such as Peter Sellers, Paul McCartney, Lulu and Lord Snowdon.

There was a chance to spend time sitting in the classic road rally cars, specially brought along for the occasion by members of the enthusiasts’ car club, the Mini Cooper Register.

After lunch, residents watched a screening of the 1969 Michael Caine crime caper The Italian Job, which featured Mini Coopers as getaway cars.

Residents, staff and visitors got into the spirit of peace, love and flower power by donning Carnaby Street and hippy-style fashions while singer Joanna Gray performed pop hits from the decade.

Colten Care home Avon Reach holds Sixties day to prompt memoriesHome Manager Ruth Wildman, resplendent in green flares, psychedelic blouse and bandana, said: “We all love dressing up and it was fabulous to spend a day stepping back in time. The Mini Coopers were a great talking point for everyone, prompting lots of conversations about trips in the past and what people remember from 50 years ago.”

Avon Reach resident Doreen Priddle said: “I can’t honestly say if life was really better in the 1960s but judging by the fashions on show today it was certainly more colourful.”

Reminiscence, recalling events from the past using the senses - objects to touch and hold, smell, sound, taste – can help retrieve long-ago memories. 

As we get older, the day-to-day issues of living can overwhelm the past. Connecting with long-ago memories can help with communication and confidence, creating new pathways in the brain as the past is remembered. Remeniscence can really give a sense of purpose and of course preserves stories and memories for the younger generation.

Remeniscence and being with like-minded people are just a few of the great reasons to live in a Colten Care home.

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Colten Care operates six residential nursing and care homes in the local area, including three in Lymington: Belmore Lodge, Court Lodge and dementia specialist Linden House. There are also homes in Brockenhurst (Woodpecker's), New Milton (Kingfisher's) and Mudeford (Avon Reach). Click on the links to find out more about each home...

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