Local online advertising annual business membership special offer

 Business Membership of Lymington.com 

Annual Business Membership is our most popular membership option and suits many local businesses.

It's especially good value if you run or host events, occasionally need to recruit new staff,and would appreciate being included in our local feature articles where relevant – there are so many benefits to business membership!

What’s included:

  • A stylish, bespoke business web page in our business directory which can be displayed across as many business categories as relevant. You will have your own log in and access to edit your page at any time. We will help you to tailor it to include the exact content you want to showcase to the local market, and populate it with copy, your own images (image size guidance is provided), links to other references including your own website, videos, social media links, google map and virtual tour if you have one.
  • Creation and publication of a powerful launch news article written by us and published on the Lymington.com home page, which will quickly get picked up by Google.
  • One Cross Channel Promotion - which includes promotion on our Lymington.com website and our Weekly What’s On e-newsletter together with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. 
  • Inclusion of your business (as relevant) in our own hugely popular local feature articles, which are further publicised via Google Alerts and promoted in Weekly What’s On and across all our social media platforms, normally including a paid boost for the Facebook post. 
  • Promotion of your events. Make sure you take advantage of this fantastic benefit! It’s so easy to add events to our Events Calendar, and we pick them up from there and promote them in the Diary section of Weekly What’s On.
  • Promotion of your job vacancies. Just send us the details, there’s no extra charge.
  • Tag and retweet. When possible we tag your business in social media posts, and retweet your tweets. 

Price £150 one off set up cost, £150 annual subscription
Payable: annually in advance


"Cross Channel" Promotion

For what we call a cross channel promotion (one included with Business Membership):

Content, images and links supplied by you are honed by us to create a compelling message which is then individually tailored to each of our online media channels including our Lymington.com website, Weekly What’s On e-newsletter and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. The caption link can be to a specific page on your own website or to an article, event or business web page on Lymington.com.



For an introduction to local advertising via Lymington.com channels including a sumary of all Membership Options please click here

Updated:  May 2019




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