East Boldre 3 weeks after the storm which hit national headlines

Three weeks after the storm

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Hardy residents of East Boldre rebuild their homes following mini tornado

17 January 2018

3 weeks after the mini tornado which hit national as well as local headlines, battered and bruised East Boldre is soldiering on.  Repairs have begun in earnest, notwithstanding the frustrations some are experiencing in dealing with insurance companies.  Not for nothing did East Boldre originally grow up as a squatters village along the Beaulieu Rails -  today's inhabitants are still a hardy lot!

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Miraculously nobody was injured following the sudden freak wind which struck the heart of the village at 8 am on 29 December, although the trail of devastation was unprecedented.  A large section of the roof of the Village Hall was ripped off and extensive damage was suffered by East Boldre Garage including its buildings and all the vehicles on the forecourt.  (Fortunately the owners have the skills to repair the bodywork of the cars not actually written off.)  Several families have had to move out of their homes which had been deemed unsafe following the collapse of chimney stacks and the loss of roof tiles and corner sections of buildings.

east boldre storm29dec18 damage repairs in progress 2

The wind dubbed the "twister" was accompanied by a weird sound which some likened to that of a jet engine, and which was heard by villagers in their homes quite a distance from where the main damage took place.

It was all quite terrifying for the horses at the end of the lane down which much of the ripped debris flew and in whose fields it landed. At the same time a whole line of old oaks which marked the field boundary came crashing down along with the horses’ own home – their brand field shelter. The horses are still jittery when they hear a loud noise but last seen were contentedly munching their hay.  Life goes on...


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