Potholes in Lymington and locality - what to do about them



potholes in LymingtonRecent figures show that it would take 14 years to clear the backlog of potholes in the UK. The roads around Lymington, Pennington and our local area are littered with potholes. If you are unfortunate not to spot one and run over it (or simply can't avoid it because of oncoming traffic) you can end up with a flat tyre or, even worse, a buckled wheel - as more than a few drivers have found to their considerable cost!

Hampshire County Council, who are responsible for road maintenance in this area, inspect road surfaces regularly and are working tirelessly (no pun intended) to effect temporary repairs were they are aware of serious holes in the road surface.

As road users we can help identify those potholes that may not have been spotted by reporting the location to the appropriate authority on line.


If you see a pothole that you think needs to be reported:

Local roads, potholes, pavements, drainage problems and street lighting are the responsibility of Hampshire County Council.

Call 0845 6035633 or visit the Highway Web pages (https://www.hants.gov.uk/transport/roadmaintenance/roadproblems) where you can submit your complaint on line. It is worth checking that HCC are aware of road issues.

more potholes in LymingtonDirect link to report a pothole on the Hampshire County Council website.

On the Hampshire County Council website you can view a map pinpointing all reported potholes and report your own if you don't see it already recorded. Inspection of the map will also reveal where and when action has been taken to effect a repair.

So now you know what to do when you spot a dangerous pothole on your route - report it! Let's take action to get our roads improved!  


Damage to your vehicle caused by pothole?

You may be able to claim compensation if your vehicle has been damaged by a road. The organisation you contact depends on where the road is and the type of road.

Motorways and major A Roads

According to www.gov.uk, Highways England manages most motorways and A-Roads. Find out more about how to make a claim...

Local A Roads and B Roads

Hampshire County Council are responsible. Here are details on how you can claim for an incident caused by a pothole.


More information: Money Saving Expert has some good advice and is well worth a read...

page updated February 2017



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