Moore Blatch Open Gardens in aid of Charity – 26th & 27th April

Archway to secret garden Moore Blatch Lymington Open GardensWorlds within worlds –  an “Alice in Wonderland” garden to lose yourself in, on the other side of Moore Blatch in Lymington High Street.  This was Moore Blatch Open Gardens in aid of Charity – 26th & 27th April - What a delightful treasure!


And this is THE secret garden!  (apologies Frances Hodgson Burnet, whom I met briefly when I was fortunate to share the same ship the “Oriana”  journeying Southampton to Cape Town)

Chatting with the head gardener Ian was such a privilege.  He was selling some of the potting plants by the shed, and when there was a break in the queue, I had the chance to ask him about his garden and his duties. He was delightful - his face lit up with pride at having the opportunity to talk about some of the plants and trees, some of his responsibilities and the joy of maintaining the gardens. Amongst other things, I did ask him what “white bluebells” are called – and he very kindly gave me the story of their invasion from Spain and sadly, how they have become a problem and a threat to the original English bluebell. 


He did say that working with Moore Blatch was as much fun as it was a privilege! lily pond in Moore Blatch garden, Open Gardens Lymington April 2014


Beautiful garden in the heart of Lymington


For those of you not yet acquainted with this area, this garden is just off Lymington High Street and stretches down to Grove Gardens.  It is an area that over the years has been cultivated with themed gardens within a garden. 


Little nooky corners, circles and squares, old fountains, beautiful trees - with one laburnum gracefully draped over a pergola just popping into full bloom.  Pathways and archways; one is suddenly surprised by a pond delightfully hidden behind an archway  and trees, with water lilies and weeping willows; another stepping stone pathway to a beautifully cropped and shaped archway; more pathways to a beautifully manicured box hedge garden with herbs and others; a creatively cuticled lawn for croquet .... and a tiny circular garden with a tree that had to be chopped because of the winter storm damage and is now proudly a beautiful seat. (Think there should be a brass plate collection to state its history?!)

Lawn croquet is played here every year in June, which must be so elegant - a perfect setting on a perfect lawn. 

box hedge and arch Moore Blatch Open Gardens Lymington April 2014Other charity events are hosted here during the year, so its worth checking with Moore Blatch for those details.

Looking forward to seeing it next year!

By Fran, 29 April 2014

(PS – Sadly the sun was not shining when these pictures were taken, so not looking as enchanting as it really is.)


wistaria in Moore Blatch Open Gardens Lymington April 2014
Moore Blatch Open Gardens Lymington April 2014


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