News of Mike's Million Steps for Oakhaven Hospice Lymington

Mike is about to take the first of his Million Steps for Oakhaven Hospice Lymington

Mike Denny says he has always wanted to do something physically massive, and that walking the Inca Trail AND the Grand Canyon simply wasn't  enough.  So this coming weekend on 25 May, he sets off from Minehead on a 35 day 673 "walk" if you can call it that, it's really an endurance test of the extreme kind.  It's an incredibly demanding hike around the entire, beautiful, rocky, rugged, south west coast path. Most people bite off a little bit of this path at a time but Mike is going to do it all in one go!


Mike  is the head of Fundraising & Communications at our very own Oakhaven Hospice Lymington.  He's taking on this challenge to raise awareness of and funds for Oakhaven and the wonderful work it does day in and out, to help and support local individuals and their families who have found theselves caught up in the reality of terminal illness and its challenges.


Everybody in Lymington knows of Oakhaven Hospice, but maybe a lot of people don't know how hard Oakhaven has to work to find the £3 million it needs each and every year, of which only 13% is funded by the NHS.  So if you hear a lot about Oakhaven's fund raising that's why - EACH year this sum has to be raised simply to keep the hospice going, just as it is, let alone improvements and modernisation.


For more information and then to make a small contribution if you'd like to please click the link:  Mike's Million Steps.


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