Gardening blog July 2014 introduction: allotment gardening feature for Lymington gardeners

A little Inspiration for Lymington Allotment Gardeners - Raised Beds

Our regular Lymington gardening blog feature article this month is about allotment gardening.

In particular it's about the success our feature writer has had this year with raised beds.

Raised beds takes a bit of work to build but, reading Debby Lockey's article it sounds like it's effort worth expending!   Debby Lockey explains in detail how to create raised beds almost entirely from items which we'll all find quite easily and won't have to pay for, which is another advantage!  July 2014 July in my allotment by Debby Lockey garden designer new forest.JPG - 68.53 KB


She goes on to explain exactly how to build the raised beds, how to nurture the soil inside them and how to grow various vegetables in them, for which she then goes on to suggest some very delicious culinary uses.


She also suggests how those who are inspired by the idea of growing and eating your own vegetables can contact the New Forest Transition Group for help in finding an allotment.


Follow the link to Debby's article here:  Debby Lockey July 2014 gardening blog:  raised beds for allotment gardening articles can be easily shared -  if you're inspired by Debby's article,please pass the word on!

Jane Porter, July 2014


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