New exhibition at St Barbe: Linocuts of the Grosvenor School

Linocuts of the Grosvenor School - a Revelation of "Modern" Art at Lymington!

Art Exhibition at St Barbe Museum & Art Gallery Lymington, 26 July – 20 September 2014

An exhibition of colourful prints from the 1920s and 1930s, conveying movement and energy in a very pleasing way: the new exhibition at St Barbe offers a new reason to visit this wonderful art gallery and cultural centre which we have right on our doorstep right in the centre of Lymington.  

Being no art expert I knew absolutely nothing about the Grosvenor School of Modern Art until I went to see this exhibition.  There were fewer people than usual at the opening evening, partly probably because it was a hot evening but maybe because lots of other people didn’t know much about it either!

st barbe linocuts exhibition lymington jul-aug 2014 CEP Tube Station low res


(And the term “Modern” to describe Art of the 1920’s and 1930’s might seem a bit of a strange term even to those of us who remember Thelwell from childhood! )


However I now think the Grosvenor School’s a bit of a hidden gem!  I found the images not only immediate and pleasing, but more than that quite compelling -  the pure energy of the deceptively simple linocuts seemed to be literally leaping out me from the walls!

And of local interest one of the Grosvenor School artists Sybil Andrews, lived for a while at ‘Pipers’, a thatched cottage at Norley Wood near Lymington.


To read the exhibition detail click HERE


New Street, Lymington

Exhibition open Mon-Sat 10am - 4 pm  


Jane Porter for, 31 July 2014


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