Lymington remembers the start of World War I on 4 August 2014

Lymington remembers the start of World War I on Monday, 4 August 2014.

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On Monday at 11.00 am a Maroon will be set off to start a two minutes silence in commemoration of the start of WW1. 

All shops in Lymington have been given an individual memorial poster of the men who are honoured on the War Memorial in Lymington.

Lots of shops will be displaying these posters in their windows.

We've been asked to take some time if we can, to look around the town this weekend and remember those who gave so much.  

And maybe pop in and support the shops displaying the posters!


Thoughts about War and Why?


The following is extracts copied from one of today's newspapers contemplating the events of 100 years ago:


"The final weekend of peace was sunny and warm. Day trippers flocked to the most popular resorts, largely oblivious of the calamity that was beginning to unfold. On Tuesday August 4 Britain opened hostilities with Germany following the latter's invasion of Belgium. Across Europe a general mobilisation called some 17 million men to arms. The Great War was under way.

"Arguably no event since the Reformation has had such an impact on European civilisation....  Yet to most people 100 years ago it came as a total shock.  ... Why did this catastrophe happen? (many books written about this)

... A century on we remain as perplexed today....  

...Our fascination with the origins of the First World War owes a great deal to the carnage that it wrought, which in turn inspired a belief in its perceived senselessness that has only grown with the passage of time.  Yet the soldiers didn't see it that way, for to do so was to concede that the great sacrifice of blood and treasure had been pointless....  The Great War was the direct consequence of a series of decisions taken in response to an act of terrorism 37 days earlier in Sarajevo.  Today the shooting down of the Malaysian passenger airliner.... has once again set Europe's major powers on collision course....not suggesting that history is about to repeat itself, merely to observe ... that it's easy to stumble into disaster without quite knowing why."


Snippets taken from a comment article in the Saturday Telegraph 2 August 2014






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