A Wood Burning Stove for a New Forest Winter?

A wood burning stove for a New Forest winter?

A fabulous summer's day may not seem like the obvious time to be thinking ahead to chilly winter evenings, but planning ahead is a good idea if you're thinking about installing a wood burning stove in your home.  Nick from the New Forest Woodburning Centre has written an article for lymington.com readers which you'll find in our Lymington Life "magazine" section under "House and Home".  It's about the benefits and the practicalities of choosing a wood burning stove.  As well as making a wood burning stove sound very tempting, it's also a really good reference article which you may wish to re-visit, especially if you're seriously considering whether a wood burning stove would be suitable for your home.  To read the article please click here:  "Wood Burning in the New Forest".


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