A Gigantic Sporting Mission for Lymington: application for extended Pavilion at Woodside

A Gigantic Sporting Mission for Lymington!


Application for extended Pavilion at Woodside for Sport for All in Lymington


Our help is needed NOW to realise the dreams of Lymington’s sporting community and the newly formed Lymington Sports Association, to unite and develop a sporting and recreational community for all sports and all ages in Lymington!


It sounds brilliant in every which way – it will bring all sports together under a united ideology, it will cross divides and bring all generations and social groups together, it will reinforce the benefits of exercise for good health but far greater than that, the positive benefits of common purpose are almost limitless for our community!


The LSA hopes to bring the Grand Plan to physical life in Woodside Park - which seems a fitting tribute to the legacy of Colonel Henry Douglas Rooke, who bequeathed Woodside Gardens to the people of Lymington specifically to provide public space for recreation.


Our help is needed now to support the Association’s application to extend the tired old Pavilion in Woodside Park. The “new” Pavilion will not only play a vital practical role part in the sporting mission but will also symbolise the shared purpose and ideology behind it.


lymington-sports-association-woodside-new-pavilion-After.png - 371.07 kb


We’re asked to log on to the planning site. We will need to add our address details, click support and if possible add some supportive comments around the future worthiness and suitability of the design.


Planning consultation closes on the 23rd Dec so please do it now!

(The Lymington Sports Association invites local people with concerns about the application to contact the Chairman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , to discuss how they can work to resolve issues and make this the best situation for the whole community.)

Lymington Sports Association: http://www.lymingtonsports.org

More detailed article on lymington.com: http://goo.gl/RjIX6e


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