Scoot Ferries Lymington Yarmouth new ferry service

Scoop for Scoot! A great new ferry service which will benefit Lymington

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Isle of Wight based Ferry Company Scoot Ferries has announced the launch of a new foot passenger service between Yarmouth and Lymington.

Initially it will carry 12 passengers, then next year 30

A new, high‐speed foot passenger service will link Yarmouth with Lymington Town Quay. As we understand, it will start next month.

Its primary purpose is to make travel easier and more flexible for Isle of Wight residents – but we should benefit greatly in Lymington too.

This year’s service will operate with capacity for 12 passengers. It will carry up to five bicycles and run a regular 25‐minute crossing to a scheduled timetable.

Services will connect with South West trains between London and Lymington Town, with the first departure from Yarmouth at 06:30 hours and the last departure from Lymington at midnight.

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Passenger ferries to carry 30 for 2016

Two new, 30-passenger ferries will then be purpose-built by South Boats IOW Limited and Scoot says they will come into service from April 2016.

Standard one-way tickets will be priced at £9.00 with concessions for season ticket holders, students, children and OAPs.

(That’s the same price as a single fair including bicycle on Wightlink.)

Scoot Ferries says that it aims to provide a much‐needed late night travel service between West Wight and the mainland, enabling local businesses to benefit from increased trade by giving customers wider scope and flexibility to visit the many excellent places to eat, drink and enjoy entertainment on both sides of the water – not to mention giving regular commuters more options for returning to the island from working on the mainland.

Sounds great for Lymington!

Charlie Kearnes, Owner of The Hut in Colwell Bay, said:
“We are extremely excited about Scoot and its late sailing times, as it opens up the potential for people to visit us from the mainland and still get back home without difficulty.”

Note from Editor: We’re very excited about that prospect too!!

Zoë Ombler, CEO of Scoot Ferries said:
“We are really excited to announce the launch of Scoot Ferries, with our first services starting this August. We have designed this service specifically with Isle of Wight residents in mind and our primary goal is to enhance the ease of islanders getting on and off the island alongside existing foot passenger services – which is why we will offer late-night sailings, fast sailing times and enhanced transport links both with the existing Red Jet service and with trains to and from Lymington”.

Two new ferry services from Scoot Ferries


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