Missing fraudster Peter Berry apparently found in Lymington

Missing national Fraudster was Found in Lymington


Confirmation now of what we've known for some weeks but were concerned it should be verified before we shared:


Serial love rat conman from Plymouth is caught after two years on the run

(Click link to Plymouth Herald article.)  And yet another name!  John Keady!  How did he remember them all!


First published last month on lymington.com:


Lymington will be thrilled that a missing fraudster has apparently been arrested and can do no more harm here.

In fact Lymington had no idea until very recently that the town was inadvertently harbouring a national fraudster.


Peter Berry masqueraded as Dr Jonathan Johns

That the man known locally as Dr Jonathan Johns who had ingratiated himself on the yacht club scene in Lymington, befriended a number of local people and set up what to all intents and purposes appeared to be a perfectly plausible local business, is apparently fraudster Peter Berry, who has been on the run for nearly two years. 


Peter Berry fraudster

Berry is a long time fraudster who targets single women, tells them extravagant lies and persuades them to give him large sums of money. Previously found guilty of 19 fraud offences he is known to have claimed more victims since leaving prison in September 2012 and had been recalled to prison in 2013 after being accused of stealing tens of thousands of pounds from women after telling them he was a yachtsman or lifeboat crewman and had achieved sailing records.






Lymington - a trusting town!


Until this week his location had remained a mystery to police, so the news that he has apparently been found and arrested will be a relief to the many people from whom he has stolen and now to Lymington too.  


Lymington is clearly a hospitable and trusting town - and long may it remain so!




15 October 2015


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