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A sparklingly clean work environment can increase business productivity!

triple three new logoTriple Three Cleaning Services specialise in commercial cleaning and work with businesses in Lymington, the New Forest and surrounding areas. Cleaning specialist and business owner, Nicolas Nogueira, explains why it is important for businesses to ensure they maintain a clean working environment...


On average we spend 150-200 hours a month in the office. During this time we all want to work to the best of our abilities, achieve set goals and enjoy working in the office environment. A sparklingly clean and tidy office can bring a variety of positive effects on the well being of every person; on the working environment, the work produced and the company’s future


A clean office improves motivation and focus


Office environmentIt will help to motivate your team, shows them you care and allows everyone to focus on their goals. According to Mintel, a clean environment improves people’s sense of wellbeing and reduces anxiety.


Being greeted by a clean and organised desk can give you a clear head, preparing you for the day ahead and helping you start your day positively. Working in a clean environment improve productivity, getting employees in the mood to work to the best of their ability and giving them a sense of pride.


What’s more, studies have shown that employees show better productivity, and enjoy going to work when they know the environment they work in is looked after when they go home every night.



A clean work environment maintains good health


It can also prevent the spread of germs, reducing annual sick leave.TTCS3


Germs thrive in stuffy, warm environments so it is important to have good ventilation and regular cleaning with reputable cleaning products that actually kill germs. It isn’t just the desks and surroundings that need to be cleaned. Researchers have found that computer keyboards are often dirtier than the average loo; home to an estimated 3,295 microbes per square inch!


When your employees feel sick because of a dirty office, they will need to take time off work to recover. If they are suffering from allergies because of a dirty office they will feel tired and irritated all day long and work and they will not be very productive.


Keeping your office clean will avoid this so that your employees stay healthy.  Employees who are healthy and happy are more productive and perform better work, so taking care of their health will actually help the bottom line of the company.

A tidy environment helps avoid accidents


An untidy work environment can be dangerous, possibly entailing injuries (and, these days, compensation claims), whereas keeping things tidy and regularly cleaned can encourage even the messiest of workers to maintain order.

A well maintained office impresses clients


TTCS2Your office environment will have an impact on your company’s image. Wouldn’t you rather do business with a company housed in a clean, neat and well maintained premises?


A negative first impression could cause you to lose clients and could lose you a lot of respect in the professional world.


A well maintained office and workspace will undoubtedly impress any guests, business associates and clients when they come in for a meeting, showing you pay attention to details. Remember, you’re not just selling your services and credentials, you’re selling the company as a whole - so make sure you’re represented in the best light. This is true for all businesses, whether large or small, start-up or established.

Triple Three Cleaning Services - top quality commercial cleaning


Triple Three Cleaning Services are passionate about their work being done to a high standard, they will go the extra mile to ensure your premises are cleaned to the highest possible standard, achieving a ‘wow’ factor. And, not only will your work environment look great, it will smell good too!


Dedicated to customer care


Nicolas and his team have an excellent reputation for dedicated, consistently strong customer service. They are committed to ensuring that their clients are 110% satisfied with the service provided. The team is friendly, management is hands on; if you ask for something to be done, it’ll be done - straight away.


Hours and people to suit your requirements


Triple Three Cleaning Services pride themselves on being able to operate around the clock - working the hours that will best suit your needs, be that during the evening, during the day or even at weekends. Your cleaner will be selected specifically to fit in with your business and they will be trained to meet your needs. Let us help create your best possible work environment!


For an informal discussion about how Triple Three Cleaning Services can help your business, contact Nicolas today.




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