Fair Tax Town - something for Lymington to consider?

Fair Tax Town

How the businesses and people of one town can pull together and really make a difference

Fair Tax Town Crickhowell - something for Lymington to consider?


Could we do something like this in Lymington?


Did anybody else see the BBC2 programme on 20 January about “The Town That Took on the Taxman – about how small businesses in small Welsh town Crickhowell in the Brecon Beacons (one of my favourites parts of the UK), set up a DIY tax avoidance scheme, to shame HMRC into letting them play by the same rules as the big boys.

It’s about a group of small businesses in Crickhowell who are fed up with the current “the bigger you are, the less you pay” system where multinational corporations seem to get away with the tax equivalent of murder while smaller businesses are squeezed to the maximum.

They get the help of comedian Heydon Prowse, who is apparently one of the brains behind BBC Three’s “The Revolution Will be Televised” and seems great! They meet a selection of top investigative journalists, tax advisors and tax laywers including on the Isle of Man and in Amsterdam, to see whether they can take their town “offshore” legally for tax purposes, by making use of some of the same tax strategies used by multinationals.


And what starts off as indignation at the unfairness of the system, leads them to decide to try playing the big boys at their own game. 


And stop press as of news 22 January 2015: Google will pay significantly more tax in the UK. Has Crickhowell helped to achieve this development?


Tax Avoidance surprisingly - shockingly - easy

They discover that tax avoidance can be surprisingly easy (rather shockingly so in fact) if you use the right loopholes and tax havens.

One of the Crickhowell businesses is a coffee merchant - Steve, who becomes effectively the leader of the little group as confidence grows based on the knowledge they acquire.


They’re all local, independent businesses trying to earn a reasonable crust.


We hasten to make it clear that they're not first and foremost after ways to "cheat" the system, they are all good straightforward people who actually believe in a tax system - but want it to be fair!  And they're thinking in terms of putting their savings back into the community if their endeavours are successful.

Here’s the link if you’d like to watch the programme on i-player, it was very interesting on a number of levels.



Other towns such as Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, and Leek in the Peak District, are now on board.


Is this something Lymington could embark upon? Could we all work sufficiently together to achieve it? Interesting challenge?!?


(For latest news about Google's tax as mentioned above click here - maybe the results of Crickhowell's detective work will be far more far reaching and successful than they could have imagined!)   



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