Plan to Close All Saints Church

Plan to Close All Saints Church, Woodside

all saints churchDespite objections from local residents a decision has been made to close All Saints Church in Woodside, Lymington. The Church has made a commercial agreement with Tops Day Nursery who take over the Church once the formal process of deconsecration has been completed.


However, this process has to be undertaken formally, and the local community is waiting for the Public Notice to be published which will give them 28 days to lodge letters of objection.


Local resident Malcolm McKeon has sent a letter to the Archdeacon objecting to the closure of the church:


"I am writing to object to the planned closure of All Saints Church in Woodside. Those residents of Woodside whose properties border the church grounds became aware of this possible redundancy last summer when we received a circular from Peter Salisbury outlining his plans to close All Saints due to the so-called 'lack of attendance' in recent years. This was a big shock to us as we have all experienced All Saints as a busy lively church with many weddings, baptisms, funerals and memorial services held throughout the year since the decision was made to stop regular Anglican worship there."


If you would like to read Malcolm's letter in full or to be involved with saving All Saints Church please go to their Facebook page.


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