Make an elephant for the Enormous Elephant Art Exhibition

Make an elephant for the Enormous Elephant Art Exhibition.

Join the herd of table-top elephants! Help save elephants from extinction.


enormous elephantAn exhibition to promote awareness of the plight of elephants is being held in Lyndhurst during the last weekend of October.


The event has been organised by Susie Laan, an artist living in the New Forest. "I am passionate about helping to save elephants from extinction. Last year I took part in the 'Enormous Elephant Run' in London which raised money and awareness for the DSWT. This gave me the idea of an 'Enormous Elephant Art Exhibition'. I am so excited about this project and seem to not be alone in my love for elephants and wanting to help them."


Poaching has got out of control, despite a ban on the international trade in ivory. Elephants are being poached in large numbers and tens of thousands are killed every year for their ivory tusks. In fact one elephant is killed every 15 minutes! Many elephants are injured and orphaned. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) helps these elephants.


The Enormous Elephant Art Exhibition

The Enormous Elephant Art Exhibition is a chance for as many artists as possible to show off their talents whilst helping one of our most beloved animals on the planet to stay alive. All profits raised by the Exhibition will be donated in aid of the DSWT’s conservation projects in Kenya. Individual artists are donating between 20% and 100% of their sale proceeds. There has been a fantastic response from artists to display their work at the exhibition. 




Join the herd! Make an elephant to display at the exhibition

elephants milk bottlesAs well as an art exhibition, there is a fantastic opportunity for children and over 60s to get involved. Join the herd and make a table-top elephant to be displayed at the exhibition. Bring your elephants along to Lyndhurst Community Centre on Friday 28 or Saturday 29 October, judging and prizes will take place on Sunday 30 October at 3pm.


There are three age categories for children: 3-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-12 years. Children are invited to make elephant milk bottle sculptures, holding a postcard-sized protest poster with a message calling to help elephants. Full instructions can be found here.


Elephants by Colten Care WoodpeckersIf you are aged Over 60 you're invited to create an elephant sculpture to sit on a table, holding a postcard-sized protest poster with a message calling to help elephants. Full instructions can be found here. You could use: knitting, crochet, papier mache, textiles, decoupage, wood, clay or recycled materials.


Residents and carers at Colten Care's Woodpeckers residence in Brockenhurst have made two tabletop exhibits to help promote this worth while cause. Activity Organiser Sara knitted a cow and calf duo which has been donated to the exhibition to raise funds, while residents Ruth, Jacky and Lynn painted, decorated and produced their very own colourful tabletop exhibit to enter in the Over 60 competition.


The Enormous Elephant Art Exhibition will open from 10am - 5pm on Saturday 29 October and 10am - 4pm on Sunday 30 October. Tickets will be available on the door. Find out more.











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