Cage Cricket for people living with dementia

Cage cricket for people living with dementia.

Coming soon to the Lymington area

Cage CricketLymington Dementia Action Group are currently looking at organising Cage Cricket for people living with dementia.

Cage Cricket allows for everybody, regardless of experience, ability, background or physical condition to take part. The game adapts to those playing, can be played inside or out, and lasts for no longer than an hour. Cage Cricket gives the chance for people to work together, to learn from one another, to help and encourage each other and to create new friendships.

Cage CricketSessions so far, run in Hampshire and in Surrey, have trailed games solely for those living with dementia, but also games for 50+ which were inclusive of those living with dementia.

Dementia Friendly Hampshire have teamed buddies up with the participants to aid with mobility issues and also as prompts for positioning during play and scoring as required. These buddies also added greatly to the sense of inclusion of the players!

Cage cricket for dementia sufferersAnother aspect we hope to start exploring this summer is that of teams comprising family members. So often younger members of a family find it difficult to maintain relationships with grandparents when they have dementia, we would hope that pairing grandchildren as buddies for grandparents may provide a valuable new relationship which can be built on for other activities.

For more information and to be kept updated, please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jane Ward from Dementia Friendly Hampshire




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