Twiddlemuffs for Dementia at Amys Haberdashery

Knitting the dementia community together


Keen knitters have been hard at work producing more than 100 Twiddlemuffs at Amy’s Haberdashery at the top of St Thomas’ Street in Lymington, to raise money for local dementia support. 

Twiddlemuffs for dementia at Amys Haberdashery

Knitted hand muffs can soothe restless hands for people with dementia

A Twiddlemuff is a knitted hand muff with textured items such as buttons, silks and string attached inside and out. Researchers have found that they provide simple stimulation for people with dementia and other memory conditions by soothing restless hands, minimising agitation and increasing flexibility.

Amy Chester-Sterne opened the well-stocked Haberdashery store in March this year to serve and help promote the local craft community. Eliza Bruml, a keen knitter and customer of Amy’s helped gather a group of people in the store each Tuesday as well as a number of home-workers, who set to work creating this substantial resource of comforting muffs.

All proceeds to local dementia support projects

Around 80 Twiddemuffs are on sale from Amy’s Haberdashery until the end of November for £10 each and many are on display in the shop window. Materials and labour have all been provided free of charge and all proceeds will contribute towards local dementia support projects being led by the Lymington Dementia Action Group.

Around 30 Twiddlemuffs have been sold and some donated already to Lymington Hospital. Amy will soon be providing some knitting tuition to the Sway Brownies who will help contribute to the knitted stockpile.

Any says ‘It’s been great fun having this group of customers knitting in the store each Tuesday, working so hard on this project. What they have produced is extremely creative and we all hope that as well as being beautiful individual items, they can bring much comfort and happiness to people affected by dementia.’

Tim Wookey, Chairman of the Lymington Dementia Action Group said, ‘We’re delighted that Eliza, Amy and their band of knitters have undertaken such a worthwhile project, helping raise funds for our local projects and supporting people with dementia. I encourage people to have a look at these lovely items in Amy’s shop and even if you don’t want to take one home yourself, you could donate £10 and we will make sure that each ‘sponsored’ Twiddlemuff finds a suitable home, offering comfort ahead of Christmas.’

Find more information on Amy’s Haberdashery.

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