Lymington scores with a new sports group for people with dementia

Lymington scores with a new sports group for people with dementia.

Local sports enthusiasts living with dementia can meet, remember and discuss favourite sporting memories.


Remembering Sport: Lymington Dementia Action Group's new groupOn 20th July, the Lymington Dementia Action Group is launching a new dementia support group called 'Remembering Sports' at the Coates Centre. The Lymington Dementia Action Group is a community group launched in May 2014 run by volunteers to help raise dementia awareness and understanding in Lymington and surrounding areas. It is part of the Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance and to-date has created over 800 Dementia Friends.

The Alzheimer’s Society previously ran sports reminiscence groups out of the Lymington Library with the support of New Forest District and Hampshire County councils. This service was closed at the end of 2015, much to the disappointment of those who regularly attended.

Tim Wookey, Chair of The Lymington Dementia Action Group explained: “our group met with representatives from the District Council and the Alzheimer’s Society to ensure we didn’t lose much-loved local services for people living with dementia. We’re delighted to have secured financial support from Lymington and Pennington Town Council, the voluntary support of local sports enthusiasts and the leadership of Richard Tuck who successfully ran the original groups. The first three dates have been confirmed for 20th July, 17th August and 21st September and the 1.5 hour sessions will be kindly hosted at the beautiful Coates Centre on Lower Pennington Lane. We’re very grateful to all parties for their support and hope to continue this service long term.”

Richard Tuck commented, “I’m delighted that once again I can meet regularly with a group of people who love to discuss sports despite living with dementia. These sessions create very special moments that help people find comfort and reassurance even if they are unable to talk – we find many interactive ways for everyone to participate using all their senses. We also find that carers really enjoy the sessions as they are welcome to get involved or simply drop a loved-one off, subject of course to their needs.”

If you are interested in attending then please call Richard Tuck on 01590 719341. If anyone has any notable or interesting sports memorabilia or they are passionate about sports and would like to help volunteer at future sessions then please get in touch. 

The photo was taken at the Coates Centre and includes from left to right: Tim Wookey LDAG Chair, Max Moyles, LDAG volunteer, Nadia Dennis, LDAG volunteer, Richard Tuck, Remembering Sports lead, Laura Rolph LDAG Vice Chair, Vicky Lander, Coates Centre Community Engagement Admin Assistant.


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