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A more sustainable future for Lymington and Pennington

Individuals taking actions collectively really can make a difference

Updated December 2021

Editorial Introduction

The green debate is plagued by misinformation, and it's easy to feel that because the scale of the challenge is so vast, nothing we can do as individuals can make much of a difference.

Yet individuals collectively taking actions can make a difference.

For example everyone recycling, and making an effort to cut out unnecessary car journeys by walking or taking public transport. These behaviours entail little inconvenience but reduce CO2 and signal to local and national governments where they should direct policy. 

Individuals can spend money on green alternative products, for example products with less packaging as well as bigger items and financial decisions like solar panels and cars. This helps finance further innovation and also provides feedback to help the innovation.

Individuals can join local or national campaigns to influence government policy.

And they can also choose to invest in companies with promising sustainable products and act as activist investors in legacy businesses helping change direction.

Consider this. For an average combustion engine car which lasts 10 years doing normal mileage, 60% of its carbon footprint is due to the original build of the car. Which is why everyone ditching their existing car and instantly buying an electric car would be a disaster. Overall we need fewer cars. Car sharing schemes are beginning to work in larger towns...

Join Transition Lymington 

Lymington Transition logo

Transition Lymington is a part of the wider New Forest Transition movement. It formed in response to a number of our current social and environmental issues, namely climate change, impending oil shortage and economic uncertainty.

Transition Lymington ideas for 2022 include topics on energy, transport, food and money

  • helping Lymington householders reduce their home energy consumption and bills!
  • promoting safe cycling in the town and working with other groups
  • encouraging householders to grow some of their own food
  • working with the Town Council to allow some wild areas
  • running an event to support the National Park’s Awakenings Festival
  • looking at ‘doughnut economics’ and how it can be used to plan and vision a more sustainable future
  • continuing with our popular Repair Cafes and Jean Genie events 


Bring your ideas and energy to the group!

It meets monthly, at 8pm on alternating Wednesdays and Thursdays. The first 2022 dates are:

  • Thurs 27 January
  • Wed 16 February
  • Thurs 24 March
  • Wed 27 April

Want to find out more?

  • Join the Transition Lymington Facebook group 
  • Have a look at the page New Forest Transition 
  • Join the google groups emailing list: please email Kate at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Background to Transition Lymington

Transition Lymington is striving for a 'transition' from our current way of life to a better one. Away from our high dependence on fossil fuels for transportation, energy, food production and consumables towards a strong future, built on low carbon economy, local food production and local energy production.

Transition is a group that believes in responding to sustainability and environmental problems as a community, creating very positive alternatives.

By taking action locally, we will be able to making the community more self-reliant and resilient to change. At the same time, the aim is to reduce our environmental impact and, in the longer term, reduce costs.

Our vision is to be in a place where our buildings, vehicles and appliances are very energy efficient, we walk or cycle locally, our power is made from renewable sources (rather than dwindling overseas ones) and we are self sufficient for the greatest possible number of our needs - food, energy, transportation, health and housing. 

Transition in Lymington aims to raise awareness of these issues and build on the momentum of New Forest Transition, specifically concentrating on projects in the SO41 postcode areas. Let's work together for a more sustainable future - we welcome everyone to our regular, friendly meetings and events.

Transition Lymington - making a difference locally

"Since 2008 we have…

  • run talks and discussions on energy, food and money
  • our Boomerang Bag project uses donated fabrics to make shopping bags and gift bags
  • over lockdown we made larger bags for the New Forest Basics Bank and masks for local people to buy
  • given away excess vegetable seedlings to get families growing some of their own food
  • we run Lymington Repair Café with a number of local, volunteer experts who give up their morning to repair broken items and save them from the bin
  • have run over 15 Jean Genie ‘upcycling’ events and a number of Clothes Swaps
  • have created a list of recycling items, that extend beyond NFDC clear sacks and help local charities and organisations, and reduce waste
  • we ran a town-wide Green Week in October 2021
  • worked with Lymington and Pennington Town Council on allotment provision and a poppy seed drop
  • have a thriving Community Allotment in Pennington, which sows, grows and takes part in citizen science projects
  • our ‘Abundance’ project has been running for 7 years, picking apples that are going to waste and giving them to local pre-schools, groups and families
  • Our 2020 Vision project ran for 20 months and has loads of ‘greener living’ ideas on a variety different topics (link to https://www.lymington.com/lymington/133-locally/1241-lymington-2020-vision)

Join us and help us build on this momentum!"

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