Foals on the New Forest - please drive slowly

Foals on the Forest - watch out on the roads!

The merry month of May is prime time for newborn foals in the New Forest

foals on the road - please drive carefullyMay is a magical month as once again tiny foals are being born all over the New Forest, soon to be seen gambolling about and winning our hearts.  

Please take extra care on the unfenced roads.

Foals move very fast and are unpredictable.

Some of them even lie on the road!

So give yourself plenty of time on your daily commute, or when crossing the Forest at any time.

A very simple message and easy to remember is the "Shared Forest" mantra to #add3minutes and arrive safely to your destination.

The Shared Forest is an initiative of the New Forest Commoners which started in 2017 at the New Forest Show. It is aimed at increasing public awareness of commoning  – both as a modern farming system and as an important part of the New Forest’s cultural heritage. The aim is to encourage local residents and visitors to understand this important aspect of New Forest life, and to help safeguard their animals grazing on the open Forest.

The attendant publicity at the launch of #add3minutes helped to save animal lives through the autumn and winter of last year. 

donkey foal newborn east boldre april18 Now it's test time again, to remind ourselves that foals move much faster and less predictably than their mothers.  Which is why it's vital to be really aware, slow right down in any case if ponies are close to the road and look out for these gorgeous babies on their long legs, which have absolutely no idea whatsoever that the road is a dangerous place to be.

The Shared Forest welcomes businesses to sign their charter and become members.  The idea is that a business then takes some responsibility, for ensuring that its staff adhere to the speed limits and indeed drive much more slowly than the limit according to road and weather conditions and the presence of animals in the vicinity. 

It already has 30 business members across the New Forest and beyond, with more in the process of joining - more details on their website. 

If one more reminder were needed just look at how tiny and defenceless they are when first born....

Newborn foal - drive carefully





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