The Great Flood of Lymington in 1909

The Great Flood of Lymington in 1909

Disaster struck Lymington's riverside areas when a double tide coincided with endless rain 

Flood 1909 in Lymington, Waterloo RoadLymington River frequently overflowed during storms and, most years, the low-lying areas along the river in Lymington were particularly vulnerable to flooding.

In October 1909 endless rain was compounded by the river banks being burst by a double tide. This photo shows the flooding in Waterloo Road near the junction of Bridge Road. It appeared on a postcard, showing the waterborne relief party ferrying supplies of food to the marooned occupants who can be seen leaning out of the windows of their flooded homes. 

Flood October 1909On the reverse of the postcard a Mrs Polly Knight of 44 Middle Road wrote about the flooding to her husband, Will Knight,  who was working as a plumber on the construction of Copythorne Church at the time: "This was October 27th, 1909. Nothing but rain. This is Waterloo Road on Wednesday morning from the Bridge to the Station. There was no trains till quarter to ten. We went down and had a look at it in the afternoon and it was a site, but some of it has gone down. They were afraid it would come back again last night but it did not." *

Lymington River 1909One of the worst hit areas was Bath Road, where the waters rose 8 feet inside houses, halfway up the staircase! Boards were placed around the room walls in an attempt to keep out the salt. With all manner of objects floating along the roads, chickens in coops from the Lymington side were washed up on the Walhampton side of the river.

This last image shows Lymington Pier and Harbour in 1909 with a solitary moored yacht.  


*Lymington: A pictoral past - Brian J Down
Lymington in old picture postcards - Brian J Down
Then and Now: Lymington and Pennington - Brian J Down

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