Royal visits to the New Forest photo gallery

Royal visits to the New Forest

Thanks to the Advertiser & Times and Exbury Gardens for permission to display this photo gallery

This week's "Throwback Thursday" to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Lymington in July 1966 with the late Duke of Edinburgh, and this photo gallery of Royal visits to the New Forest were made possible thanks to the Advertiser & Times which had all these wonderful treasures in its archives. More detail about the visits here, and do make sure to get a copy of this week's Lymington Times too! 

Also thanks to Exbury Gardens - and autumn is a wonderful time for a wander around their lovely grounds!

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1966 - The Queen and Prince Philip being greeted by cheering crowds at Lymington's new £100,000 town hall.

1979 - Her Majesty returned to the area in 1979 to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the New Forest.

2008 - The Queen's next trip to the national park that became public was in May 2008 for the launch of Exbury Gardens' steam train. Thanks to Exbury Gardens for permission to use this photo.

2012 - Finally, local folk were thrilled to welcome Her Majesty back in July 2012, when her diamond jubilee tour came to a sun-drenched finale at the New Forest Show.

For the full stories of all these Royal visits please "visit" the A&T website here.


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