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Photographs which capture your spirit and create your unique style

Exciting new business RAW Photography Gallery for Lymington and the New Forest

RAW photography gallery lymington calling models and musiciansCalling New Forest musicians, writers, models or new businesses of all kinds if you want to promote yourselves and/or your products and services.

RAW Photography Gallery is an exciting new Lymington and New Forest business which specialises in capturing imaginations and creating a bespoke photographic style for individuals and businesses.

Create an individual, personal, unique style for your career or business

Lucie Nice and Jules Vincent have formed a brand new team combining their extensive photographic, artistic and business talents, to create photography with the edge to set you apart!

Jules and Lucie will work with you to develop and implement the photographic image and style for your work which suit you best.

RAW Photography Gallery creating individual styles for models actors and musiciansHow it began - in a bar!

As Jules and Lucie explain, it all started in a small bar in their home town of Lymington where they took some pictures of a young girl playing acoustic guitar who needed some photographs to help her kick start her career.  Carley Varley was the young girl's name and in 2018 she won the Dorset Musical Talent Award from the Venus Awards,  was an Open Mic UK Finalist 2018 and has performed at the The 02 London,The Ritz and The Waldorf Hotel in London - and her first EP which is  now out too!   Here she is in action!











Meanwhile Jules and Lucie realised that with their combined backgrounds of photography and commerce, they had the beginnings of a business which they could build together.

And they have!  Take a look at some of their photographs and see what they mean.

Jules encapsulates the story:

RAW photography gallery lymington - bringing fruit to exotic life

“Having worked in the photography industry for over 15 years, building an extensive portfolio of creative and commercial art, RAW Photography Gallery was born in a cosy, local bar on a sleepy Sunday afternoon. Combining the unique talents of photographer and artist Lucie Nice with the business acumen of myself as partner and family friend Emily Graham, RAW was built on the foundation of capturing imagination and producing the best of our clients’ vision."

Lucie has worked with artists across the US and the UK, including Brooke Shaden, Lindsay Adler and Joel Grimes. In doing so, she has developed her approach to her work and honed her skills as an original and professional artist.

Commercial, product and fine art photography

RAW specialises in commercial, product and fine art photography and to add further strings to their bow, model portfolios, conceptual and creative art.

So whether you are a new business looking to promote your products, or you're starting out in the modelling or entertainment industry, Jules and Lucie promise to work closely with you, to ensure that your ideals are reflected in finely-tuned imagery that reflects your own style and character.

There's lots more lowdown about RAW Photography Gallery on their website and you can contact Jules on 07710184091 or by email for an initial chat about your needs  - Jules and Lucie are looking forward to hearing from you!

More images also in the RAW gallery on their Lymington.com webpage 


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