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Need to borrow money for your New Forest business? 

Talk to independent MGPS Commercial to unlock the finance your business needs to take it to the next level 

mpgs LOGO 2017 02 003Looking to scale your business quickly? Do you know where to go to access finance? Knowing where to go to borrow money and whom to ask can be a daunting task.

If you are looking to scale your business quickly, you need a significant injection of finance and are not sure how to go about it, just call Sandeep Sesodia for a free initial discussion about how MGPS Commercial can unlock exactly the commercial finance your business needs to grow to its next stage.

Finance tailored to the needs of your business

MGPS Commercial assists businesses to realise their strategic and long term goals by providing the appropriate finance structures depending on their nature and precise needs. Sandeep is practised at sourcing, accessing and securing appropriate finance structures based on understanding your business and whether you need for example:

Sandeep Sesodia Independent and working for you

If you go straight to a bank they will have a vested interest in putting their case.

Whereas whilst Sandeep has a track record of over 35 years in banking including many years as a bank manager, MGPS is totally independent and therefore impartial and Sandeep’s sole focus will be on the specific needs of your business.

You will also find him to be immensely warm, friendly and helpful!

For more information about Sandeep and MGPS Commercial click here

We recommend you then just give him a call and find out for yourself!


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