How to review a New Forest business on Lymington.com

Please show your appreciation of local businesses!  

How to write a review about a New Forest business on Lymington.com

reviews 5stars 2 600Did you know that you can rate and review New Forest businesses on Lymington.com? It is really easy to do and very much appreciated by local businesses.

Personal positive feedback about your experiences will be much appreciated

A large part of the Lymington.com website consists of a local business directory which includes details about an increasing number of New Forest businesses.

It is within this section and linked to the individual business details, that reviews appear.

Here is the lowdown on how to place your review.

1) Click on DIRECTORY

Click on DIRECTORY in the top menu and in the left hand search bar enter the name of the business you would like to nominate. Or, click on one of the categories and search in that category for the business or organisation you're seeking.

(If you cannot find the business you're looking for, please email us -  we will add it to the Directory, will email the business owner to let them know, and will email you to confirm.)

2) Login or Register on Lymington.com

Add Your Reviews - RIVAAZ Restaurant

Click on the business and then on REVIEWS (find this after Business Details and Map just under the top section).

You'll then be prompted to LOG IN to Lymington.com - if you've not logged in before, click on 'Don't have an account' so that you can register.  You'll then be able to log in.

3) Write your Review!

Once logged in, back under the REVIEWS section under your chosen business or organisation, click on ADD A REVIEW.

When you're happy with it click SAVE.

We'll check it over and publish.

Example business reviews

We've just added a couple of new reviews, for Ear Clinic and the Hog and Lamb Spitroast Company.

There's no rule as to style or content other than positive; if you wish to add any criticism please make it of a constructive kind!

We may wish to promote your review

If your review is particularly glowing and especially if it introduces an aspect of a business which is not covered in the description on their webpage in the Directory, we may wish to highlight it in our promotion of that business in Weekly What's On and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. If you don't wish us to do this please drop us a line.  

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