Featured Business Page

Featured Business Page

Bespoke, editable one page website hosted on trusted local online advertising channel Lymington.com 

Lymington.com is a trusted and relevant website, with captivating content added regularly. It ranks highly in search engines for keywords relevant to all businesses, categories and industries present in the Lymington and New Forest area.

For businesses which have a website

A Featured Business Page (FBP) provides businesses with a website with valuable additional online presence

This is an excellent method of improving individual business search engine optimisation.

  • links directly to your website, providing a trusted backlink
  • includes compelling content about your business, providing an additional source of trusted copy, keywords, images and additional backlinks to specific pages on your website
  • the copy in the business description can be tailored to the local New Forest area, highlighting relevant propositions that often is not possible on a national or bookings-led website
  • enables valuable links to your social media accounts
  • can provide backlinks to videos on your YouTube channel
  • provides an opportunity for online reviews that can be managed by the LDC team

For businesses without a website

A Featured Business Page provides businesses without a website with their own one-page ‘website’

This is a highly cost-effective means of owning a web-presence if your business doesn't have its own website, has an outdated or non-responsive website, or is part of a chain which limits local information on the main website.

  • provides you with a website URL that you can use across your digital platform and to which you can divert your own domain name if desired
  • includes compelling content about your business, providing a source of trusted copy, keywords and images
  • enables valuable links to your social media accounts
  • can provide backlinks to videos on your YouTube channel
  • provides an opportunity for online reviews that can be managed by the LDC team 

Featured Business Page  -  bespoke editable webpage in the Lymington.com business directory
Directory front page Lymington.com

Your Featured Business Page will display in as many categories you wish which are relevant, in the Lymington.com directory of local businesses and organisations. 

Once you have set it up, you will be able to log in and update it yourself at any time.

The short description and meta data will help to display your page for relevant searches, not only within the Lymington.com website itself but also from Google search.

The long description can be as long as you like including a succinct and compelling summary of your business: what it offers, to whom and why it’s so good - including multiple links to various pages on your own website if you wish together with customer testimonials and where relevant our third party endorsement too.  It can also include images to illustrate the text.

The key thing is to make your headline messages as compelling as possible to your target markets.

The page can include an image gallery and links to your own website and social media along with as relevant location map, videos, even a 360 degree virtual tour embedded into the page. 

Google likes our Directory a lot (link to stats and dems) and simply having a webpage on Lymington.com has value in itself. Google also regularly features our news items and events in Google Alerts and Google Search.

We can tailor your webpage to showcase the exact elements of your business that you would like to promote to the local market. In other words, we can help 'tell your story' and explain exactly why people should come to you!

Business Web Page on Lymington.com New Park Manor example

Featured Business Page - Summary

  • Page displays across as many categories in our business directory as are relevant to your business
  • Your own log in to edit and update it at any time
  • Header background image (1260x500 pixels - this displays across the full width of your page)
  • Your logo (300x300 pixels)
  • Your selection of your images to bring your page to life - up to 15 Gallery images (800x600 pixels), plus further images to illustrate the text if required
  • Your contact details, social media links and a Google map
  • Up to 4 YouTube links can be included
  • YouTube and 360 degree Virtual Tour can also be embedded in the long description field with the “embed code”
  • Hosting of your individual Business Webpage on Lymington.com is included for one year or a month at a time according to the package you choose.

How to set up your Featured Business Page

Go to https://www.lymington.com/business/add-business and follow the instructions to register, log in and add business, then select Featured Business Page. 




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