Lymington.com business profile: ConnectUp and Jo Hompstead  

Lymington.com business profile: ConnectUp and Jo Hompstead

New Forest based ConnectUp "makes a positive impact on people’s working lives, by recognising the human need for meaningful connection at work and to the work we do"

April 2021

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ConnectUp is a consultancy and training company.  It provides both advice and inhouse training to companies of all sizes which need help with managing the inner workings of their businesses. That’s the people, who drive the processes which make the business actually happen.

The engine of most businesses is all those vital people who do the work to implement the plan and make the wheels go round to produce the results! 

This is of course very pertinent in these continuing strange times. In some companies some staff have been and maybe still are on furlough, others have been working harder than ever. Tensions can build.

Many businesses have been through the mill and it’s nowhere near over yet. Staff often realise the pressures their bosses are under too; it’s hard for owners and managers to hide their fears when the very survival of their businesses may be at stake.

In every company are individual members of staff who have suffered to a lesser or greater extent from the pressures brought about by a year of living with Covid. Think about lockdowns, death of loved ones, the emotions wrung by not being allowed to visit parents or partners in care homes. We don’t need to spell out all the additional personal challenges on top of all those which exist already in today’s hectic life.

Connected - with the people with whom you work

ConnectUp’s premise, which few will challenge, is that people work at their best when they’re treated well, motivated and “connected” - with each other and their managers.

Then of course that the whole is usually greater than the sum of the parts: a team which is working well together has the power to increase individual effort, ability and productivity.Jo Hompstead

Connected - with the importance of your individual role 

The other vital component is feeling good about what you actually do, recognising the part your role plays in the bigger whole of what the organisation itself does. That feeling that that your cog in the wheel is vital - as vital as any other, which of course it is. 

So this aspect of ConnectUp's role is about helping people feel connected to the work they do - so they see the meaning in it. "Does what I do matter?" Which of course, it does!

If all or any of this sounds pertinent to your business, take a look at the ConnectUp website and call Jo now for a chat.

The vital message is the management focus on the needs of the individual people

This is where Jo Hompstead comes in, with her HR training, background and experience, and with skills kept constantly up to date through ongoing reading and learning.

Jo’s first career was in the HR departments of major companies including John Lewis and Waitrose, with responsibility for recruitment, training and development. She has seen and experienced from within the heart of the organisation the difference made by management focus on the needs of individual people in their roles.

As Jo says, “It’s a no-brainer to me that people work at their best when they are treated as human beings and not just an asset.

Why wouldn’t we want work to be a fulfilling and meaningful place for people to be? Just for the human stuff, but it also makes clear commercial sense.”

collage of woodland imagesJo is naturally curious about what makes people tick, driven to make an impact on how people feel about and perform at work. She is known for establishing early trust, encouraging staff to open up and tell her how things really are, enabling her to really get to the nub of what’s going on.

“I enjoy helping leaders and business owners unleash the potential of themselves and their people. I am known for working as a trusted advisor and confidante, drawing ideas together into meaningful action and bringing insight and intelligence to problems.”

New for 2021 - "More Than Just a Fun Day Out!"

Team building in the beautiful New Forest at Hoburne Bashley’s Woodland Centre

As well as working with you at your place of work, or a venue of your choice, new for 2021 Jo is offering 'More Than Just a Fun Day Out'. Based at Hoburne Bashley's Woodland Centre, these full and half day team building events take place outdoors, incorporating two elements Forest Team Experience and Group Connection & Action Planning. By the end of the day all the participating individuals will feel engaged with what needs to happen to build success, understand their role within that and feel connected as a team as they move forward together. Find out more here!

"ConnectUp helps teams reconnect, reset and move forward together with clear purpose, expectations and harmony. I get all the niggles out and facilitate the creation of plans of which everyone involved can feel part. I can do this virtually or with you in person, here in the New Forest. I offer the best mix of consultancy, facilitation and training to build connected work." Jo Hompstead, founder and owner of ConnectUp.

Find out more on the ConnectUp website here or simply call Jo on 07704 642156 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Give Jo a brief introduction to your situation and needs, and take it from there!

More information and contact details here too.


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