Julia Vincent - Investigation Research and Researcher

Background Checks, Trace Work, Due Diligence

Carried out for private clients and businesses - UK & Global Searches.

Ever had that feeling that you would like to know a little more before making a commitment or decision? Perhaps you would like to be reunited with a lost friend or relative or perhaps you need to trace a tenant that has absconded. Or perhaps you want to find a bad debtor who has done their best to disappear?


Using my many years of experience in information research and retrieval, in both the private and public sectors, my job is to provide my clients with the most up to date information possible, with full supporting references. That way they are in the best possible position to make a decision and move forward.


I am able to carry out investigative research using innovative research techniques to conduct Background Checks, Traces, Asset Trace and Due Diligence for clients who want to be well informed and take the guess work out of situations.


My research is rigorous and uses comprehensive and analytical approaches to uncover key information, approaches that I have developed and learnt over the last 10 years of experience in both the private and public sectors.


So, WHY do you need an investigation researcher?

“Why do I need to know more?” What is the benefit? Well, peace of mind can be massive help and being fully in possession of the facts can save significant amounts of money as well as preventing avoidable stress.


Background Checks are carried out to ensure what a person says about themselves is correct. You may have met someone through one of the many online dating sites, and want to make absolutely sure the person is whom they claim to be, especially important if there are children in the family.


Knowing about a prospective business partner before embarking on a new commercial venture is another area where being well informed is just a very sensible part of the decision making process.


Business checks and due diligence

Checks and Due Diligence are carried out on individuals or companies. Every company needs to know and understand their customers and rivals. Comprehensive Due Diligence allows you to gain key knowledge and information, making an uncertain, costly decision into a positive, cost effective result.


Calling all employers

Did you know that around one in five people admit to being ‘economical with the truth’ - or worse - in interviews and on application forms? Carrying out screening and checks on potential employees can save your company time and money. It will also help protect you from fraud and reputation damage. It is an obvious, logical business decision to make sure you are as well informed as you can be.




I had a recent client who needed to trace her husband’s father due to medical reasons. I was able to deliver the results and find other blood relatives. The client was overwhelmed with the information I was able to deliver and sent me a wonderful thank you letter. This brought a big smile to my face and a small tear in my eye.


Another client wanted me to carry out an International Trace on a company. Through deep web searches, I was able to trace the company, its background and contacts. This enabled the client to make an informed decision based on the information I found.


Since then, I know I made the right decision to do Investigation Research as a freelancer. I find that my work brings confidence and smiles to clients.


When you enjoy your work….it’s not really work


Julia Vincent, Investigation Researcher

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