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Every business whether in London or Lymington, owns Intellectual Property (IP) in some form, and protecting, maintaining and enforcing IP should be an on-going concern of any business. IP can be a vital part of a company’s assets, giving it the ability to prevent competition and scale its business by licensing. In fact, many businesses would not exist at all if they had not taken proper steps to identify, protect and exploit their IP.


Free IP Audit, for businesses in Lymington and the New Forest


London IP, a firm of Intellectual Property (IP) specialists, is now operating in Lymington too. London IP is offering free IP audits to help local businesses make the most of their intellectual property.

How does IP affect you?

David Warrilow, a top London patent and trademark attorney, is heading up London IP’s new Lymington presence. David offers the following guidance for the benefit of Lymington and local businesses.

IP isn’t only relevant to big companies like Apple and Samsung, who regularly appear in the media with yet another patent dispute.

Every business owns IP in some form, and protecting, maintaining and enforcing it should be an on-going concern.

Indeed for small businesses in particular IP can be a tremendously valuable asset safeguarding its ability to expand, and giving it the ability to prevent competition.

Retail Trademark

Some time ago David helped register the trademarks of a business which now owns a chain of shops, one of which can in fact be found on Lymington High Street.

By obtaining a UK trademark registration at the outset the business made sure that it was able to open other branches throughout the UK.

Had someone else registered an identical or similar trademark when the business just had one outlet they could have entered an expensive and uncertain legal dispute, and in the worst-case scenario been prevented from opening further shops in other towns.

Patent Box Tax Scheme

Another example of the benefits of IP for small businesses that David gives is the patent box tax scheme.

Under the UK patent box a company can claim a reduction in corporation tax on worldwide profits derived from a patented technology. The reduction is gradually increasing and will reach an effective rate of 10% in 2017.

To claim the tax reduction the company merely has to have a UK patent granted. That may sound daunting and expensive, but on average the cost of getting a UK patent granted is normally somewhere in the region of £2000 to £5000.

For a potential halving of corporation tax for up to 20 years (the possible lifetime of a UK patent) that could be a very worthwhile investment, particularly if the business revolves around one or two inventions.

Operating any business will lead to IP issues.


The above are just a couple of examples. Operating any business will lead to IP issues. At the very least trademark considerations in respect of the name of the business should be addressed.

Business owners are well advised to seek professional legal and accountancy help as early as possible to ensure that their rights are safeguarded, and to ensure that they claim the tax reductions they are entitled to.

All these tips apply to small Lymington businesses as much as they do to large London companies and multinationals.

Copyright and the law of "Commissioned Works"

Who owns copyright? A very obvious example of where this might be important is photographers – of whom there are many in Lymington and the New Forest area! 10 years after a wedding for which she had been official photographer, a local photographer we know was offered a great publicity opportunity based on one of the wedding photographs. But the superb opportunity had to be foregone because the photograph in question was subject to copyright. Nowadays, copyright always rests with this photographer!
David will advise on all aspects of "commissioned works" and how to get appropriate contracts in place to protect your business.


David is happy to talk through the opportunities and the threats relevant to your business – so take up his offer of a free IP audit, now! Call in the first instance for an introductory chat:

Telephone:  01590 439 434

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David Warrilow is a Coordinating Patent & Trademark Attorney Lymington-patent-trademark-attorney-david-warrilow.jpg - 14.52 kb

With a Masters Degree in Chemistry, David obtained a further Masters degree in Management of Intellectual Property from Queen Mary University, London.and was awarded the Payne/Bennett Memorial prize by the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys. He worked with major firms of patent and trademark attorneys before founding London IP in 2009.

David advises and represents clients ranging from lone inventors to multinationals, in all aspects of intellectual property. His practice includes patents, trademarks, copyright and designs, and although his technical background is in chemistry, he has gained extensive experience of patenting mechanical inventions. He also occasionally talks at seminars on various aspects of IP protection.


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