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Virtual PA for Lymington Business.

Wright Services provides administrative support – for corporates, self employed and households.


Monique Wright virtual PA for Lymington and the New Forest

Wright Services is a time-saving, cost-effective and professional solution to accommodate all of your business and personal requirements. Delegating administrative and personal tasks to Wright Services frees up your time, so that you can focus on other essential tasks.


"Monique's assistance has enabled us to spend more time focused on our clients. She has proved time and again to be highly professional and incredibly competent at tasks we have delegated to her. We would thoroughly recommend her PA services." Tanya Baddeley,  Bartley Marketing.



Here’s a taste of how Monique’s 'Virtual PA' service works in practice for her predominantly Lymington based customers.


Wright Services can take care of many routine administrative tasks

Administrative services for a wide range of needs

Monique is able to carry out a wide range of tasks, willingly and competently. And in fact although much of the work is indeed 'virtual', in some instances it’s carried out within the employer’s workplace – it all depends on what’s required.

What Monique does from one day to the next can vary greatly because she provides support to a very diverse group of clients, who range from very small businesses to larger corporates. She really does cover all administrative bases.

Monique is calm, courteous and consummately professional. As soon as you meet her you get the sense that she is also immensely capable, in a reassuringly commonsense way.


Administrative support for a busy self employed person

Here is an example of Wright Services in action, which demonstrates both the breadth and the depth of Monique’s skills and experience. This particular business owner is self employed and trying to build the business. Employing Monique as a Virtual PA has given the business owner the time to focus on doing her job, and thus on making the money to sustain and grow the business.

Meet with Wright Services who can help with administration and organisationThe 'virtual PA' support role for this business covers a very wide range of skills and tasks. In no particular order (as tends to be the case with a busy day’s work!), Monique may start with management of her client’s social media posts (including interaction with replies and comments) and a check on forthcoming diary appointments. She may then switch to website updates: that could involve updating information, posting news articles, changing the layout and incorporating other new material as needed.


There’s a considerable financial element to the virtual PA role for this business which also includes finance and tax assistance with banking, bills and payments, receipts and updating records, assistance with tax returns, and keeping track of all monies. She also manages a whole host of other activities such as the promotional side of the business: help with promotions including coming up with ideas for offers and discounts and placing advertisements. She may be called upon to do some research into equipment in which her client is considering investing in order to develop the business.

In short, Monique wears all the hats and performs all the roles that need to be carried out 'in the office' so that her busy client can maximise the time she spends running the business!


List building by Wright Services in LymingtonCompany roles – short term cover for sickness and holiday

Monique will often fill a short term administrative role in a bigger company, such as temporary cover for a receptionist or secretary, often at very short notice, to cover sickness or holiday.

Monique will always do her own research on the company, in her own time before starting work. The role will usually include a mix of answering the phone, emails, welcoming guests, signing them in, handling incoming and outgoing post, organising and filing documents and other paperwork, and any individual company needs. On arrival she’s typically given a brief rundown of how everything works and is then left to get on with it - which is no problem! 


List building exercise for a B2B business

business-list-buildingWe recently employed Wright Services to conduct a list building exercise for one of our clients, a specialist company whose target market is businesses in the SME sector, with a need to approach prospects directly by mail or email as part of a coordinated marketing campaign.


Monique had previously carried out a similar assignment for a corporate sales department, to research a list of companies and gather contact details for them. For us this exercise was to go one stage further to include telephoning companies, to check individual contacts and try to establish requirements for the services being proposed.

As the exercise got underway initial queries led to refinements to the brief - and as should happen in these cases an even more efficient modus operandi seamlessly evolved. This process was greatly aided by Monique’s communication skills, initiative and judgement. Suffice to say we’ll be asking Wright Services to help us again!


Free, no obligation initial consultation

Monique would be delighted to meet with you and discuss the assistance you need, on a no obligation basis in Lymington or nearby.


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