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Save the time, cost, hassle and stress of dealing with energy companies

 There is savings potential on energy bills for most businesses and homeowners. If you are sick of spending your valuable time trying to understand and compare energy tariffs - or even simply to get your utilities bills to be correct – then this is for you. Energy-Consulting will save you time, cost, hassle and stress. And you’ll never have to deal direct with an energy provider or agent again!   

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How does it work

Energy-Consulting will begin with a review of your recent utility bills. Based on their findings, they will then access their pool of dozens of providers including lesser known smaller energy suppliers, for tailored high-volume tariffs not normally accessible for smaller businesses or domestic households. The review, which includes a site visit, considers any legitimate way your future or past bills bill can be reduced. 

Working for you the customer, not the energy provider

The team at Energy-Consulting works for you, not on behalf of any other utility suppliers. They’re not a broker. They don’t take a commission from any utility provider and have no conflicts of interest: they work squarely for the customer, not the provider.

No savings, no payments

Energy-Consulting’s earnings come from a small percentage of the savings you make.

To explain this: the fee charged by Energy-Consulting to you is a share of the time and money you save, in other words you pay out of the savings you make, which you wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to enjoy.

No savings, no fee. Pay if you save, don’t pay if you don’t. There’s literally no risk for you.

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Call Jon Amery on 01590 700911 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a Free Consultation about your business energy usage and the potential savings your business or home could make. It’s got to be worth a chat!

Background to Energy-Consulting

Energy-Consulting is a Hampshire based company which has access to a huge selection of UK energy suppliers, and thanks to its specialist knowledge and contacts it can maximise savings on utility bills.

The owner manager of Energy-Consulting is Jon Amery. Jon’s background is in management accounting and marine insurance. He moved into telecoms systems and services and began to save small businesses in London and the SouthWest enormous amounts of money. Before long his delighted clients, having experienced how much Jon could save them in telecoms, asked him to help them save on the increasingly greater cost, stress and hassle of energy arrangements, and latterly the limited opportunities with water sewerage costs. Jon then moved back to South West Hampshire where he grew up and now wants small businesses and homeowners in the New Forest to have the the energy savings benefits normally only available to their large company competitors’ in-house and government advisers. His mission has always been to ensure that this can be done for a net saving to the client that is guaranteed to be greater than his fee.

Energy savings for business

As Jon says, for businesses there is a raft of areas in energy-billing where the tariff - and even in some cases the regulatory charges and changes - can be offset if you know what you’re doing, wish to leave no stone unturned that would cut cost for the customer, and are rewarded in line with that goal.

They range from tailoring the tariff to daily/weekly patterns of usage to the size of a power cable into a building. Jon will also be able to rectify contracts and billing likely to have included overcharging, and leverage legal loopholes which it’s in no energy provider’s interes  to make known.

You won't get a proactive call from the provider or their agents about these saving opportunities!  

In short, Energy Consulting takes on the hassle and sorts out the problems and saves you money, stress and the value of your ongoing time.  

Typically businesses and homeowners pay more for their energy than they should

Jon says: "As recently reported from government findings, British small businesses are typically paying £4.5bn more for their energy than they should, largely because:

• energy providers and often their agents have a vested interest in limiting tariff savings
• the regulator has yet to insist on the sort of rules against this that they very recently have finally introduced in the domestic market, and despite liberalising the business retail market 18 years ago and having levied fines of more than £20m since then
• trying to find out about this subject is a minefield and an enormous hassle for businesses who don’t have the time to do the research and don’t know whom to turn to for correct, impartial advice."

Lymington and New Forest businesses which will benefit especially from a review by Energy-Consulting

If you’re a small to medium-sized local business spending increasing amounts each year on power - whether for manufacturing, engineering, refrigeration or simply heating, office appliances, air conditioning, catering and lighting, it’s highly likely you can make significant savings on energy costs. What's more, if you’re a hotel or restaurant, a garden nursery or pub, a golf club or yacht haven, a care home or other sports club, a bakery or a butcher’s, an ice cream maker or a laundrette, you’ll know your energy needs are considerable and a higher than average percentage of your total costs. There will almost certainly be savings we can uncover for you.

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Examples of businesses which are high energy users:

• Laundrette, Dry Cleaner
• Hotel
• Restaurant
• Pub
• Care Home
• Golf Club
• Yacht Club
• Sports Club
• Precision Engineering
• Bakery
• Butcher
• Ice Cream
• Essentially, all businesses where energy is a big bill, because they use a disproportionate amount of power, heat or refrigeration.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 01590 700911 for your free consultation today. 


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