Lymington.com online media channels statistics and demographic profile

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Bartley Marketing's Lymington.com online media channels: stats and demographics

Lymington.com reaches out to the New Forest market Quick view stats

  • Website seasonal variation eg Jan 22: 12,000 visitors/ 26,000 page views; Aug 21: 25,000/61,000. 
  • Weekly What's On email newsletter is currently sent to 6,000 subscribers weekly; open rate is over 40%. 
  • Social Media 2021 top line stats:
    • Twitter: followers 3884, impressions 245,933, engagement rate 2.1%
    • Instagram: followers 3,004, impressions 364,880, engagement rate 2.9%
    • Facebook: followers 7,711, impressions 518,240, engagements 17,556, post link clicks 3,646

Bartley Marketing developed its own online media channels to promote and champion its local business customers. 

The community website Lymington.com, in existence for over 15 years, is an online hub for the whole New Forest area with a comprehensive events calendar, local information, local news, where to stay, eat and drink, things to do, jobs, business reviews and articles of local interest - it is ‘your local link’ for both the local community and visitors to the area.

In addition to the website, the team combines a range of social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and a 'Weekly What's On' email newsletter to subscribers. These media channels all link directly to the website, effectively pushing and pulling visitors to different webpages.  

The Bartley Marketing team continuously works out ever more effective and efficient ways to use Lymington.com and its channels to really actively promote businesses with a local presence. All this makes us uniquely placed to help local businesses reach out to the local community who follow the news, events and information provided by Lymington.com on a weekly if not daily basis. Furthermore we help regional and national businesses to promote themselves very cost effectively to their target markets in the New Forest area. 

It's not all about local business, we spend a lot of time promoting causes for local charities and voluntary organisations - and we give everyone the opportunity to add local events to our events calendar free of charge. 

Our mission is to help you make the most of every penny of your marketing budget by providing a well-targeted channel and well-planned, smart marketing. We actively promote our members and will happily create a bespoke package to promote and champion your business or organisation in the way which will best suit your requirements.

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Detailed Statistics and Demographics 2019

2019 users vs 2018 and 2017 Lymington.com

Website visits continued to grow steadily year on year as can be seen in the graph. In 2019 website visits were up 24%, with both new users and returning users were up 24% and 25.4% respectively, continuing the trends of strong growth over the past 6 years. There is an element of seasonality, as you can see in the graph our monthly visits rise dramatically in the summer months when there are more visitors to the area.

More visitors, staying longer to read and returning more often

In 2019 the average time on page of our website users was up 15.3% to 1 minute 36 seconds, continuing to buck the global trend which is steadily dropping and where session duration is currently described as ‘a little less than a minute’.* Visitors looked at an average of 1.74 pages per visit - so they are looking at other pages other than the one on which they initially land.

tape 403591 1280Page views are up 6.3% and the number of sessions per user is up 24%, again continuing the positive trend over the last 6 years.

In other words, we have many more visitors, returning more often. They are reading for longer than average and looking around at other pages as well as the one on which they originally land.

All fantastic news and reflected in our excellent search engine rankings.

Social and organic acquisition continue to grow

Our social media posts and 'Weekly What’s On' newsletter direct readers to the Lymington.com website with links to specific pages and succinct, effective messages to promote the business or cause.

Over the last year the number of people clicking to the website from social media has grown by 38% and the number of people clicking to the website from our direct marketing email has grown by 200%, in spite of some very challenging changes to social media algorithms and regulations. This reflects the success of our email newsletter to subscribers and the ongoing popularity of our social media posts. 

At the same time our organic acquisition from search engine results pages (SERPS) has continued its growth, up 14% in 2019. This reflects ongoing work on search engine optimisation (SEO), along with the established expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of Lymington.com. At the same time, direct acquisition (people coming straight to Lymington.com) is up 28% and referrals from other sources is up 29%.

Lymington.com: fully responsive and constantly evolving to ensure search engine trustworthiness

Lymington.com is a responsive website, meaning its layout changes as size of the screen being used to view that site changes. Increasingly people are viewing websites on smart phones: over the last year we have seen an increase of 37% in smart phone views, with 54% of users now reading our website on a smartphone. Tablet and desktop users are both still up on last year at 9% and 4% increase respectively.

Having a responsive website is now rewarded by Google and other search engines. Our tech team work hard to ensure that Lymington.com works well with all search engines, who are constantly evolving their algorithms.

Find out more about the importance of having a responsive website.

Lymington.com website and social media visitor demographics

Lymington.com Age Demographics 2019

Website demographics

The age profile of the Lymington.com website has a healthy split between the age ranges, as shown in the chart adjacent. Over the last year we have attracted more people in the 65+ age bracket to the website (also reflecting the growth of 'silver surfers') with the 25-64 age groups remaining consistently high. 

56.4% of our website visitors are women, 43.6% are men, male readership continues to grow.

91% of Lymington.com website visitors live in the UK. 64% of our Facebook fans live in the Lymington and New Forest area, 88% in the Southampton-Bournemouth-Winchester triangle.

Social media demographics

Lymington.com Facebook Demographics 2019

On Facebook and Instagram, 66% of our followers are women, whereas Twitter reaches more men with 57% male followers and 43% women. 

On Facebook 86.9% of our followers are in the 25-64 age bracket, the ideal target market for many local businesses. Interestingly 89.4% of our Instagram followers are in this age bracket and 84.1% of our Twitter followers. More people in the 55+ age bracket are now using Instagram and Twitter, bucking the trend of previous years where both were predominately younger.

All data shown here is for the full year 2019. 

Lymington.com Instagram Demographics 2019

Lymington.com Twitter Demographics 2019







In 2019 we reached over 60,000 people every week

On Facebook (@LymingtonHampshire), our followers are up 3.4% to 7457. In 2019 our Facebook impressions grew again 1.7 million. This increases continue in 2020.

On Twitter (@lymingtondotcom), our audience grew by 1.5% to 3,727 followers and engagement was up 30.2% in 2019.

On Instagram (@lymingtondotcom), our growth has continued, followers are up 5.5% to 1655, impressions increased by 41.7% and engagement is up 23.4%.

Weekly What's On in the New ForestOur Weekly What's On Newsletter is emailed every Friday morning to subscribers. The volume of subscribers grows organically each week, currently at around 4,500. Early in 2018 we moved our newsletter to a new system and fully cleansed our system to ensure GDPR compliance. The format of the newsletter is designed to catch the reader’s eye with relevant images and headlines and an easy layout which enables readers to see the main messages at a glance. 

Combining all elements of the Lymington.com channel and our organic website visitors, our combined average weekly reach is in excess of 60,000 people.

Regular, respected, multi-channel local marketing

The Bartley Marketing team have worked hard to bring the Lymington.com Channel where it is today and are proud that it continues to grow and enhance its reputation every year. The Lymington.com Channel is unique in its targeted local reach online, combining a trusted, well established and regularly updated website with social media channels and direct marketing.

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March 2020

* Nielsen Norman Group




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