Review of lunch at the Shipyard Bar and Kitchen in Lymington

Lunch in Lymington?

Review of lunch at the Shipyard Bar and Kitchen

The superb Shipyard Fish MarketWhether it’s a quick snack or a long lazy lunchtime into afternoon, we have discovered the perfect place to enjoy your lunch break. And dinner, and breakfast too...

We have just sampled the most delicious lunch at the Shipyard Restaurant down in Bath Road - which leads from Quay Road and Lymington Quay past Berthon Boatyard and the Bandstand in Bath Road towards the yacht clubs. There’s parking in the Quay car park or you can drive through the main Berthon entrance and turn immediately left which brings you to the back entrance of the restaurant where there are quite a few parking spaces.

Pan roasted fruits de mer at The ShipyardThe Shipyard is a foodie heaven with an airy, friendly and smart yet informal ambience. Even more so on the day we visited, when after torrential rain all morning the skies had cleared and the sun was shining through the large windows and made the restaurant feel even more light and spacious.

A fish and seafood lover’s paradise, the Shipyard is a joint venture with the Fish Market next door (part of the same building) where if you wish you can also pick up your fresh fish supper and even order your oysters for the weekend. However there are always meat and vegetarian options as well.

Lucie who looks after front of house and her splendid team, especially chef Paul and organiser Liam, are all delightfully welcoming and friendly. Together they have created a “look” which is cleverly creative without being at all pretentious, and have determined to do one thing: to use great ingredients in simple recipes. As they say, if you have good ingredients you simply don’t need to do complicated things. They also source locally wherever feasible and really showcase their producers too.


The Shipyard Menu

The brand new Spring menu is the same for lunch and dinner, and there’s also a separate breakfast menu (served 9-11.30am). Menus are totally changed seasonally with variations monthly, so unless you’re a VERY frequent diner you can always try something different.  

The Food

Pennington Steak Tartare with Quails Eggs and Sourdough BreadWe sampled all of the following and were mightily impressed:

  • Starter: absolutely delicious spiced potted Lymington crab served with equally wonderful toasted sour dough bread (we were reassured that this IS on the menu most of the time as it is so popular!)
  • Starter: unbelievably fine Pennington farm steak tartare served with perfectly soft-boiled quails eggs.
  • Main: an enormous roasted seafood platter which on this day included crab, scallops, mussels, giant prawns and much more, served on a conveniently raised plate much easier to get than a plate at table level with garlic butter, accompanied by perfect fries and a mixed salad with a delicious dressing. It was enormous. We couldn’t believe we would manage it all but somehow we did! Quite original in that the seafood is roasted in the dish with garlic butter and served warm, whereas  seafood platters we've had in the past have all been served cold. Definitely worth it!
  • Dessert: a delicately spiced poached pear served with salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.
  • Dessert: triple chocolate tart served with blood orange compote and creme fraiche. Both desserts were stupendous, neither too sweet, just delicious!

The Drinks

Pineapple and coconut iced tea with apple and mint iced teaThe Shipyard has recently teamed up with Solent Cellar in Lymington, to offer carefully selected wines to enhance every item on the menu including dessert wines. 

Lucie and the team have an amazing selection of cocktails (it was lunchtime, we just sampled with a sip - honest!) - most of which are original, offering something a little different, not at all sweet and sickly as some cocktails can be.

We were served beautifully presented signature cocktails, the Grapefruit Salty Dog was delicious, the Rhubarb and Custard Martini was divine and as for The Yamato! This was created by the team and named after a Japanese war ship; the combination of yuzu juice, gin and basil is amazing. 

And then there were the iced teas. One was coconut and pineapple - a simply delicious delicate taste. The other was apple and mint – the mint was subtly present and made this an excellent digestif. From this sample I would be happy when driving to drink these wonderful iced teas instead or at least alongside my usual tap water – again they were not sweet, which for me is the key to non alcoholic drinking with a meal.

great for a quick lunch or a long lingering MEAL !

If you’re on limited time and budget and need a quick and light but tasty lunch you could choose from any of the starters which cost between £7 and £9 and the portions are sufficient. But if you have time to stay awhile and want a really good value special lunch, this really has got to be the most wonderful place to linger over a memorable meal. 

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The Shipyard Bar and Kitchen in Lymington


Many thanks to Breeze Photography for the great photography. 

Jane Porter

March 2017





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