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Summary of Member benefits

Make the most of your membership of! 

What's included with Membership of Lymington.comBelow is a summary of ongoing Membership Benefits - remember to take advantage of them and make the most of your Membership. 

Promotion across all channels when you renew

When you renew your Annual  Membership we will give you a complimentary bespoke promotion across all the channels (Weekly What's On newsletter plus social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). You can either leave the choice of promotion message and timing to us or if there's something you would particularly like to push, let us know when you renew. 

Edit your webpage whenever you wish

Remember you can edit your bespoke webpage on whenever you wish – just log in and “edit listing”.  Let us know if you’d like a reminder of your log in details, or if you prefer just send the information and we’ll do it for you.  For upload, gallery images need to be sized exactly 800 x 600 pixels, your header (top) image must be 1260 x 500 pixels and your logo should be 300 x 300 pixels. We can resize as long as you send larger!

Promotion of the Events you add 

Add your events to

Remember to add your events to the events calendar - it's becoming "the" weblink which people click to check what's on and upcoming in Lymington and the New Forest!

Here is a reminder of how to add your events.

We keep an eye out for events added by members and promote them in the diary (words) section of Weekly What’s On.  

Regular Members can also include their events as part of their regular promotion - with an image, link and caption post in the newsletter and on our social media.

If Annual Members would like bespoke promotion of a particular event or news item, this is normally chargeable as an Ad Hoc Promotion... see details below.

Promotion in our General Articles

We are constantly creating and publishing general articles on which promote our Members, these articles are then picked up by Google Alerts.

These are articles which provide useful information for the local community and visitors to the area such as "Afternoon tea in the New Forest" and our ongoing eating out guides, events guides, half term, Easter, Summer and Christmas holiday guides etc.

Member Businesses relevant to the subject are included in these articles which are then also promoted on a regular basis on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as above) and in our Weekly What's On newsletter.

If you wish your business to be included in upcoming articles please do the following:

  • If it's about an event, please add the event details and we will pick up from there.
  • If it's not event related, please email one short paragraph and one image (1500 px wide please) to Tanya This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Please note we cannot guarantee to include your image, we will make the best selection of images to illustrate the article.)

Tell us your news!

Remember to send both Jane (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Tanya (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) any press releases or other news, to keep us up to date - and remember that you can edit your webpage at any time - adding in details of any good news!

Regular Members can include their news as part of their regular planning and promotion. Annual Members can add on Ad Hoc Promotion to share any exciting news!

Ad Hoc Promotion for Annual Members 

An Ad-hoc Promotion is particularly useful for Annual Members who do not want the regular commitment of Regular Membership but occasionally have something special to announce and promote. 

A bigger 'splash' can be made, based on a short news article on our home page which is picked up by search engines and Google Alerts.  Alternatively the promotion can be based on an event in our Events Calendar or on your updated webpage.

Promotion then includes bespoke image and text box in our Weekly What's On newsletter with captivating caption and link to your event, plus image, caption and link promotion on Facebook and Twitter and image with caption promotion on Instagram.

And if relevant we can also boost on Facebook to reach even further (charged at cost).

We will need you to provide us with a number of hi resolution images for the article and promotion.

You might also like to consider upgrading to Regular Membership, which includes monthly/fortnightly/weekly Bespoke Promotion. Regular Membership is better value for businesses which regularly have a lot going on. Get in touch with Tanya and Jane to find out more.

Local job vacancies on

Let us know about job vacancies

All Members  with job vacancies are encouraged to email us with details so that we can include on our Local Jobs page and advertise your vacancies free of charge in our Weekly What's On newsletter.

Encourage your customers to subscribe to Weekly What's On and to add Business Reviews

Subscribing to Weekly What's On is easy: it's logging in required, and we get fantastic feedback from subscribers about the usefulness of Weekly What's On.

Please encourage your customers and prospects also to register and log in to add events and reviews - all they have to do is click the "Register" button top right and follow the instructions.

Every time a review is posted we have to approve it before it's published, and we will not publish rude comments. When a review is published you will be notified, and if you see an opportunity to respond for whatever reason you are welcome to do so. (If we see anything we think could do with a response we will send you an extra email to alert you!)

It's really easy to add reviews once people get used to it!

Add links from your website to

Link to the Newsletter and Events pages on and

Let's create ever more of a local 'win win'. The more people sign up for Weekly What's On and refer to for other information, the more Members will all benefit.  So please help by adding links on your website if possible to the links above.


For businesses which are not yet Members of, please click here:

Updated January 2020


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