How to list an Event on

Guidance notes to help you set up your event/s 

Create and manage your own event listings
You can now set up and manage event listings yourself – and you can edit them too once they are published.

To set up your event listing/s you will need first to register yourself by creating an account.

Once you have registered you will be able to log in to your account whenever you like, using your username and password. You can then edit your event listing.

  • Once you’ve entered the event details we’ll check and publish
  • Charity/community events are free to advertise in this way; if it’s a commercial event we’ll get in touch with you to discuss a contribution!
  • Please make sure you include full address including postcode, for the event – this generates the location map
  • Please include date and start time of event. (Click on calendar icon, then to add the start time click on the numbers themselves - you can select the time more precisely that way rather than using the arrows.)
  • Please include as much details as you like under “full description” in fact the more the merrier, the more informative the better
  • If it’s an event like a Lymington Players production which is on for a few days, we’ll have to publish the second and subsequent days at the back end – so please just include the details in the full description eg Tuesday to Saturday.

Managing your event listing/s

Using your login and password you can go back in to your listing/s at any time to make changes of any kind within the listing plan you have chosen.
We hope you find these notes helpful!
Please let us know if there are points which we haven’t covered or which need further explanation, or if things don’t work as you expected – email us in the first instance This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Jane Porter April 2014


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