Promotional Articles on

Promotional Articles on

Showcase your business with a glowing review or article targeting specific audiences. 

Promotional Articles and Reviews on

Promotional Articles feature in Lymington Life "magazine” section of and can also be tagged to appear on our News page, as well as in the selected news links on our Home page for a limited period of time.

Actively promoted on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and in our 'Weekly What's On' newsletter to subscribers, a promotional article can add another dimension to your marketing. Promotional Articles are linked to and from your Business Web Page, they are a marketing option available to Business Members and Promotion Members.

Promotional Articles are written for you by the Bartley Marketing team. They can be written to actively promote and champion different aspects of your business, going further than the detail on your website and on your Business Web Page.

Promotional Articles can target specific markets and audiences, feature specific elements of your business, showcase particular products or services and even be a third party review to provide additional endorsement and championing. 

Priced from £250 plus VAT, your Promotional Article can be brought to life using images, video and your logo. It remains live on as long as relevant and for the duration of your Membership.

"My promotional article on has helped me to tailor my business to the local audience in Lymington, backing up my website, and has given me a far greater presence on Google, since is a well-established and trusted site."  

A Promotional Article will benefit your business's online presence Membership

Your Promotional Article will stand in its own right in Google and other search engines, providing a versatile way to spread the word more widely and more deeply. It provides the opportunity to explain in more depth what your business does and why it is different. 
A Promotional Article provides another opportunity for your business, product and/or service to feature in Google and other search engines, potentially pushing competitors' pages lower down the rankings. news articles are picked up by Google Alerts for the New Forest and Lymington area, resulting in 'free' email marketing of your Promotional Article page to everyone with Google Alerts set up for Lymington and the New Forest. 
Along with your Business Web Page, a Promotional Article can act as a mini website for start up and very small businesses with no website of their own, helping the business to be found on Google and providing vital information for potential customers. For franchises and local branches of larger organisations with a main national website, it can act as a 'local website' providing a hyperlocal focus that is otherwise difficult to achieve.

"Our website covers the Group for the whole of the UK and shows very little information about our business at a local level. We have commissioned several Promotional Articles on, each showcasing a different aspect of our business at a local level. This has enabled us to provide a greater awareness online of what we offer and gives us somewhere to refer people who want to know more."


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