Promotional Blogs on

Promotional Blogs on

Using information marketing on to raise your online business profile

Blogging is a highly effective way of showcasing your expertise and your business, whilst reaching further into your local target marketplace than you might be able to achieve normally. We can assist you by 'ghostwriting' blogs on your behalf, either to feature on your own website or on the website. Or a combination of both.

promo blog on Lymington.comA Promotional Blog can be set up as a regular 'feature' on, either written by you or 'ghostwritten' by us on your behalf. 

Our Members' Promotional Blogs are actively promoted on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), in our 'Weekly What’s On newsletter and on the website, under the Lymington Life 'Magazine' section, on the News page and for a limited time as a rotating link on the Home page. 

A Promotional Blog can add another dimension to your marketing. Promotional Blogs appear in our Lymington Life “magazine” section and are linked to and from your Business Web Page. They dovetail brilliantly with your Membership: we'll tailor a package for you according to the exact number of blogs you would like to feature each year.

Each Promotional Blog can cover different information, relevant to your business and can be brought to life using images, video and your logo (provided by you or at additional cost).

Promotional Blogs provide the opportunity to explain in more depth what your business does and promote your expertise to the local market. A regular 'drip-feed' of relevant information to a wider audience that you might otherwise find it difficult to reach, on multiple channels. 

"I have planned to write six promotional blogs over the year on Already, after the first two blogs, more people are talking about what I have written than I ever achieved with the blog on my own website! This is because has such a well-established and loyal local following."

Promotional Blogs are an excellent way of promoting your expertise.

Your Promotional Blogs will stand in their own right in Google and other search engines, providing a versatile way to spread the word more widely and more deeply. They provide another opportunity for your business, product/service to feature in Google and other search engines, potentially pushing competitors' pages lower down the rankings. news articles are picked up by Google Alerts for Lymington, resulting in 'free' email marketing of your Promotional Blog pages to everyone with Google Alerts set up for Lymington.

To find out more about Promotional Blogs, call Jane on 07782 167862 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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