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With the summer holidays fast approaching make the most of what we hope will be a lovely warm summer and let us COOK for you. Make the most of your family time! Our family grub range is designed to serve two adults and two kids for only £10. They look and taste homemade and because they can be cooked from frozen they come out of the freezer, into the oven (or microwave), and supper’s done. You'll be eating together (for only a tenner) within the hour. Plus they are all simple, delicious crowd-pleasers so they're great for all the family.

Summer Parties - we have lots of lovely party food to help make entertaining easy. Why not try our slow cooked meats – perfect for alfresco eating or our amazing salads which you simply have to defrost.

Bikini Diets – if you are worrying about how you’ll look in your bikini or speedos this summer then why not stock up on Our Meals Lowest in Fat and Calories, all with less than 400 calories and 14g of fat. ‘Great Tasting low-calorie suppers’ Healthy Food Guide Magazine.

Updated 12 July 2013

The COOK proposition

At COOK we make remarkable food for your freezer, prepared by hand using the same ingredients and techniques you would use at home.

Why are we different?

On every COOK dish you'll find the name of the chef who prepared your food.

Our food looks and tastes homemade (maybe even a bit better!)

Our range includes meals for 1, 2 and 4 people, Party Food, Puddings, Cakes, an Indian and Asian range and meals for babies and kids too. New dishes come out all the time so we are sure we have something for every taste. We can also cater for most dietary requirements including those following a gluten free and/or dairy free diet.From the Lymington shop, we offer a Home Delivery service which covers the local area and across the Forest. Further details of this service and the full menu can be found on our website http://www.cookfood.net/shops/Lymington.

Review Update May 2013

COOK - delicious frozen asian dishesLast year we did a review of COOK at 56 High Street, Lymington (see below). A year on and we thought we would catch up with the team and find out what is new.Since we last spoke to the team, the enormous choice of food for your freezer on offer at COOK has expanded to include a new Asian range which includes the yummy favourites of Green and Red Thai Chicken curry along with some new dishes like Malaysian Prawn Curry and Sweet & Sour Pork Balls. New dishes come out all the time and the Kitchens have been working hard to make some of the best-selling dishes even more remarkable. All of the Lasagne dishes are now even better with the addition of a really tasty egg pasta.

Over the coming months the COOK team are promising us plenty more exciting new dishes as part of the Summer range which includes amongst other things lighter dishes for alfresco eating, BBQ meats and salads.

Emma, John and the team say pop in whenever you're passing - they always have some nibbles for tasting and the freezers are always stocked.

(From my experience there are usually some tasty nibbles on offer, there's never any pressure to buy but I'm often tempted to pick up a special side dish or a dessert for a supper when we wouldn't otherwise have had pudding - family appreciates! A win win for all as far as I can see!)

Original Review - Summer 2012

COOK  delicious frzoen asian cuisineFor those of you who do know Cook then the good news is that there is now one opened in Lymington. For those locals who don't know what Cook is, then all your Christmases have just come at once. We can't all be Jamie or Nigella at the drop of a hat and even if we are life is sometimes just so darned full on, that the last thing you need at the end of the day is sweating over a hot stove. In the past, one might make an effort because frankly the ready meals in supermarkets don't honestly taste brilliant and if you are entertaining and dumped a slightly distorted plastic container on the table fresh from the microwave, you'll probably not get invited back, let alone anything else...

COOK reviewSo Cook is Mummy on tap. There whenever you need her, with a menu big enough you can mask your failings all year round and with dishes prepared at restaurant/ home-cooked quality and at affordable prices. To quote the company themselves, 'We believe eating and cooking are two of life’s great pleasures. If cooking becomes a chore or eating ceases to be pleasurable, then our lives are poorer. We cook, so you don’t have to - enabling you to keep your powder dry for the occasions when you’re in the mood to cook up a storm. And because we cook in exactly the same way you would at home you can be confident our dishes will look and taste homemade, and should always be a pleasure to eat. Importantly, on the front of every pack we print the name of the chef who prepared your meal.'

Emma and her Dad John (and their fabulous team) who run the Lymington shop are really really nice and simply the kind of people who will keep your secret and inspire you when you need to be. They know the ranges intimately and are the next best thing to a staffed kitchen below stairs. As summer approaches, I would also suggest this is the dream option for the thousands of yachtsmen and women setting off from Lymington as the dishes can go straight in the fridge and let's be honest, washing up saucepans onboard is a right pain in the...

I can genuinely vouch for the quality of the food at first hand, because my Mum, who is gifted at many things, simply isn't the world's best cook. So visits to her home town of Chichester over the years have typically been underpinned by generous Cook feasts when we are not being spoiled at local restaurants. If they weren't bringing out new dishes all the time, I could claim to have experienced practically the whole menu. I never thought as a child I would look forward to eating at my Mums when I was older, so thank you Cook for that!

Often with reviews, I would attach .PDF menus etc. but to be honest the website is so comprehensive and easy to use, you are better off just checking it out or popping into the shop to have a nose around. I challenge you not to be tempted by at least several dishes.

So to Emma, Daddy and the Cook Team, thank you so much for coming to Lymington, on behalf of all the Bridget Jones's, single guys looking to impress and wives, mother in laws, Uncle Tom Cobley n all. You are not just solving the food dilemma but probably a whole host of social issues too.

COOK Lymington
56 High Street
SO41 9AH

Phone: 01590 672480
Website: http://www.cookfood.net

Managers: Emma Frith & John Neal


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