Three Cornered Leek Pesto from Real Food New Forest

Three Cornered Leek Pesto - a thrifty nutritious meal

Create a delicious meal on a shoestring!

three cornered leek Fiona Hill from Real Food brings us a comfort recipe full of healthy ingredients for times of austerity.

This is Three Cornered Leek (wild garlic) it grows everywhere at this time of year and makes a wonderful pesto which is very easy to make. So take a look in your garden, or you may find it while you're out getting your daily exercise.

As Fiona says you can use any sort of nut, this is hazelnut, but you can use walnuts, almonds and cashews, much cheaper than the traditional pine nuts, with three cornered Leek and olive oil.

Ingredients for Three Cornered Leek Pesto

2 small bags of peeled hazelnuts

A large bunch of three cornered leek

5 FL OZ olive oil

Salt and pepper

As the leek grows all over the place it is easy to pick but do be very careful to wash well and check through for other bits of plant – you’re looking basically to use the stems.


real food three cornered leek pesto Put the whole nuts in a food processor, this can be done with a pestle and mortar but that takes more time and makes less at one time.

Grind for 30 seconds then add the washed and lightly snipped leeks (I use scissors) with half of the oil, a good pinch of pepper and salt then blend again adding the rest of the oil till a thick paste is achieved.

This can be kept in the fridge for at least a week, if it lasts that long and can also be frozen. Best in ice cube size containers for storage.

Add it to pasta, rice and sauces, spread it on chicken, fish and meat . Believe me you will become addicted to the taste.

One of springs great bounties!

About three-cornered leeks


Three-cornered leeks are to be found everywhere, almost. They are toxic to most animals but great for humans.

With their luscious leaves, tender stems and crunchy flower buds and bulbs they are particularly versatile. You can eat all parts of the plant and it’s in season nearly all year – perfect.

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