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Catering for all events and occasions, for people who appreciate good food!

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Real Food is all about great ingredients, expertly and lovingly brought together to concoct tasty, beautifully presented edibles:  from nibbles and canapes to full blown gourmet masterpieces, which warm the senses and please the soul! 

Quality catering, for all events and occasions in the New Forest

Fiona Hill has oodles of real life cooking and catering experience, including many years as Location Caterer for the BBC. She now specialises in providing quality catered food for all events and occasions, locally in Lymington and the wider New Forest.

From gourmet meals for intimate dinner parties, to finger food for small picnics or vast festivals,  Fiona can cater for it.  From catering in cramped quarters for yacht functions, to providing anything from tasty children’s delights to hot shepherds pie for the old folk in village halls, to inspirational catering in marquees for weddings or other big celebrations: you name the venue and the type of occasion, Fiona will provide the perfect edible elements.

copy png fiona hill real food casseroleAnd with her comes her big warm personality and many years of calm, practical experience – you can rest assured, Fiona will not let you down and will see to it personally that everything that falls under her responsibility is delivered to time, to budget, and to exceed expectations all round!

Prepared from scratch in Fiona's own professional kitchen

Using fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers, Fiona prepares everything from scratch in her own professional kitchen, where she has the right equipment, knows where everything is, and can work most time efficiently.  As you can see from the photos, she chops, slices, mixes, and uses vast cooking pots.  It makes sense to do that part of the preparation at her own base.

Reliable catering for regular events

If you need a caterer for a regular event like a weekly meeting or a monthly gathering, Fiona would love to hear from you.  In discussion with you she’ll contribute her experience and expertise to help determine the best format and food for the price you can pay.  Once the budget’s agreed, it’s set in stone.

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Inspired catering for one off occasions

From a child’s birthday party to an intimate dinner to a picnic on the forest, from catering for 80 people in a hall with no kitchen, to serving a hot meal to 200 seated guests in a giant marquee ...whatever the occasion, Fiona will have the perfect catered solution for your event and your budget.  Most importantly, whatever the scale of the effort going on in the background to ensure the professional presentation of delicious dishes, your guests will be not be aware of it!

Clever catering to a tight budget

If you have a limited budget, just tell Fiona at the outset.  If it’s really unrealistic she’ll say so, but considering she managed to cater for a wedding for 80 people for £500, she’s much more likely to come up with a way to make your budget stretch!  Primarily that’s by using recipes and menus which keep the cost of ingredients and labour to a minimum.  But nevertheless still result in tasty, beautifully presented, real food. 

Steak and kidney pudding please!

Asked some years ago for steak and kidney pudding for large numbers within a tight budget, Fiona’s solution was:  double cook the steak and ale.  Make the suet pastry and instead of lining basins just lay it on top of the cooked steak and ale.  Butter some foil and lay that on top, cook for an hour, serve like a pie, hey presto, it’s just as good as the “pudding bowl” version. (The heat from the steak and ale steams the suet.  Since she discovered that one, Fiona has never cooked steak and kidney pudding in a pudding basin. As she says herself – chuck something difficult at me, I’ll find a way!

Free Assessment and Quotation – no obligation

If you have an event coming up or are tasked with outsourcing the catering for a regular event, Fiona would really like to hear from you.  She’ll take on board your requirements and budget, ask you some pertinent questions and offer her own advice (if it’s welcome), and come back to present you with a solution.  If you decide to go elsewhere, she will not hold it against you – although she will respectfully ask for your reasons!  

You’ve nothing to lose, call Fiona today!

Phone Fiona on: 07759 817 288

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