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The catering for your special occasion, just how YOU want it. 


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Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any pretext for a party, Michele of 7th Wave Events will create the catering to complement your event. 

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So often the catering makes the event, and you will be in safe hands with 7th Wave Events. Owner Michele and her team love what they do with a passion, and make sure your guests will enjoy everything they taste. Everything at 7th Wave is tailored around you with care taken with every detail, from creating the menu to the preparation and presentation. Quite simply nothing is too much trouble.

From weddings to help with small dinner parties, Michele and her team can manage a large event or just do the bits you don’t want to and add a little extra style to the occasion.

Attention to detail - with every last touch

The food must always complement the occasion - whether that is an intimate and informal gathering or a really formal event. That means that careful thought must go into planning the menu and the style of presentation. At a recent 21st birthday party the theme was ‘The Great Gatbsy’ so Michele Googled what the Waldorf Astoria served in 1924 for President Coolidge, gave it some thought and then put a modern spin on it. The result was a delicious dish known as Chicken à la Rose. The party was also a goodl example of different providers working together.  Michele was introduced on this occasion by South Coast Marquees and with the marquee up and looking beautiful, the hostess of the evening was able to forget totally about the catering side of things and just get on with entertaining her guests and enjoying the occasion - which is exactly as it should be!


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Mix and match catering

Michele is happy to take care of the whole thing – 7th Wave manages events as well as catering – or does just the catering, whatever the customer wants. And that can include mix and match, so if you want to do the canapés yourself, or your friends want to do the desserts, that’s fine. A package can be created that includes exactly what you want and nothing that is not needed or you would prefer to contribute yourself.

Flexibility is Michele’s middle name!



 Picnic weddings

These are becoming very popular especially here in the Forest. Michele often works with South Coast Marquees to create a lovely soft, informal style. A reasonably large garden is needed but not always as large as one might think, and particularly for summer and autumn weddings, a lovely picnic can make the perfect day.


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Making entertaining easy

It is easy to love entertaining but we do not all love the work that goes with it. Also it is so much more relaxing to enjoy your guests’ company without having to worry about what is happening in kitchen or whether the soufflé is about to collapse. Michele sets up her own ‘camp kitchen’ as she calls it, brings all her own equipment and just gets on with it – while you, the host can chat with your guests and thoroughly enjoy yourself completely confident that everything in the kitchen is in the most capable of hands.

Staff – always on hand

Michele has a large team she can draw on so can always be sure to have the right people, and the right number, to serve and help at any event. She has developed a very effective system with a team of trusted ladies, many of whom are local mums and often have other jobs too, but so love being part of 7th Wave that they're prepared to switch in to the catering role for the occasion!   Michele also has a number of ‘littlies’ she can call on. These are usually teenagers who are briefed by the Mums team, leaving Michele to the overall event and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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Michele Rae

Michele grew up in South Africa and worked with some of the country’s top chefs before arriving in Milford 16 years ago. After working for Red Herring in Brockenhurst for nine years she then set up on her own.  

Nowadays Michele also caters for a number of local restaurants and businesses on both a regular and ad hoc basis - she'll be happy to tell you more if you ask, when you call or email her!

Michele has been inspired since arriving in Lymington by several local people to whom she to pays tribute:

“Rob Smith, whom I worked for at Fat Cats when I first came to the country taught me ‘standards, never drop your standards!’; Steve Hampson of Red Herring taught me to ‘add value - it's the little things that people notice’; whilst Liz Cottingham from the Mill at Gordleton taught me how to treat and appreciate the people who help you achieve the things we do.”

In her spare time, Michele loves yachts and yachting, and horses and riding. She is a very relaxed sort of person – in fact has just the right sort of personality for coping with the unexpected.


You can contact Michele most easily by email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Article written by Lymington.com, May 2015 - and as true today in 2018 as it was then!


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