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New Forest Aromatics

Award winning, local, sustainable products which are kind on the skin, gentle on the environment and never tested on animals.

New Forest Aromatics for Christmas - some gorgeous ideas below!



new forest aromatics warm hug Christmas gift setA beautiful gift box containing 1 x 10cl luxury candle and 1 x 60ml luxury bath foam in your choice of fragrance from
True Bliss, Warm Hug or Revive

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A beautiful gift box containing 3 luxury bath foams to relax, indulge and uplift.

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A beautiful gift box containing 3 x 10cl luxury candles
Made with eco soya wax and natural cotton wicks.

Burn Time 12 hours per candle

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About New Forest Aromatics

new forest aromatics products from natural ingredientsNew Forest Aromatics creates beautiful, natural products for you and your home - including candles, room fragrances, body lotions, shower gel, lip balms, gardeners hand care, wardrobe sachets, bath salts and reed diffusers.  Names such as Forest Essence, English Flowers, Herb Garden and Hampshire Lavender, Revive and True Bliss evocatively conjure up the wonderful and varied scents.

All of the products are handmade at our office and production room at Setley Ridge just outside Brockenhurst, using only natural ingredients, including lots of organically grown plants.

As much as possible, we use locally sourced ingredients, which is why we are able to proudly display the New Forest Marque on many of the New Forest Aromatics products.

Local ingredients used include beeswax and honey from New Forest Hives, used in our lip balms and gardener’s hand care, home-grown lavender and rosemary in our sachets and bath salts, plus Hampshire grown mint, dill, lavender, parsley and rapeseed oils and  New Forest Spring Water in many of our products. 

If not locally sourced, then we take great care to make sure that all other ingredients are grown ethically or from sustainable sources.

Where to buy 

You can buy our products online from the New Forest Aromatics website as well as directly from our production room and a number of local stockists (click here for details) and you will also often find us at festivals, shows and markets. You are also welcome to call in to the office, to see, smell and buy there.

Providing New Forest Aromatics productsnew forest aromatics hand body set 800x600

A number of local hotels, restaurants and accommodation provide New Forest Aromatic products because it's just lovely to showcase local produce of all kinds and they are so appreciated by guests. 

If you own or manage a B&B or self catering accommodation and would like to do the same you can find out more about providing New Forest Aromatic products here

Particularly relevant are our favourite best sellers: our liquid soaps, shower gels, and hand and body lotions - all now available in a range of sizes so that you can yourself refil either our containers or your own.

Candles - easy yet always appreciated gifts any time of year!

new forest aromatics Candle Forest Essence web

Our totally natural candles are made with non GM soy wax, cotton wicks and scented with natural and organic essential oils. They come in all sorts of tempting forms including old favourites like English Flowers, Festive Spice, Forest Essence, Sunny Day, Herb Garden & Hampshire Lavender, plus our more recent additions Warm Hug, Revive and True Bliss. 

Aromatherapy: the amazing capacity and versatility of the rose...

"The Queen of flowers, Rose symbolises love and femininity across many parts of the world. Traditionally associated with Venus, Aphrodite and the Holy Rose – Mother Mary, it’s the flower we give to others to celebrate love, whether it’s red roses for Valentine’s day or weddings, yellow roses for friendship or white roses for new births or spirituality. 

new forest aromatics Rose essential oil

The essential oil of the rose is extracted from fresh petals by steam distillation or solvent extraction to create an absolute. Its predominant chemical contents are alcohols; citronellol, geraniol and nerol, but its full chemistry is very complex, making it hard to reproduce effectively by synthetic means. It is one of the most difficult and expensive oils to extract with a very low yield from the petals, it takes around 250,000 rose petals to make a teaspoon of the essential oil, so it is expensive to buy, but it is potent, bursting with scent and carries you off to somewhere beautiful! Rose symbolises unconditional love and has a very high frequency that helps to elevate brain rhythm frequencies, enhancing well-being and positivity.

Rose essential oil is an antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral, aphrodisiac, astringent, bactericidal, choleretic, haemostatic sedative, and a tonic for the heart, liver, stomach and uterus.

Rose soothes the mind and helps with depression, anger, grief, loss, nervous tension and stress. It also is a known aphrodisiac, helping us explore our sexuality, self-esteem and self-nurturing. It aids poor circulation and heart palpitations/arrhythmia as well as high blood pressure and is also used to boost the liver and gallbladder.

A word about the WISP

New Forest Aromatics WISP BalmOur new WISP balm is an amazing, exceptionally versatile balm which soothes all sorts of dry, cracked and irritated skin conditions. It contains beeswax, propolis, apricot oil, vitamin E, frankinsense and calendula.

We developed WISP in partnership with Army veteran turned beekeeper John Geden who had met injured veterans with prosthetic limbs who were experiencing extreme discomfort. With our engineering and scenting magic added to beeswax and propolis which soothes and eases all sorts of conditions we have a winning formula. And we're donating a minimum of £1 from each tin sold to Help for Heroes.

(The word "WISP" came from the abbreviation WIS used by the military community to describe wounded injured and sick personnel.)

More information about New Forest Aromatics >

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  • Wonderful products


    Love these products, for self, presents (the candles are such a treat) and for displaying a little of the New Forest in our holiday let (shower gel, body cream, handwash). As the times change, we feel good about putting "natural" ingredients on our skins as well. Debbie is not only brilliant at conjuring up gorgeous new scents but also very professional and delivers personally too when we re-stock. Thoroughly recommend.
    Review response

    Thank you Carole for the lovely review, much appreciated :)

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