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Make the most of your free listing on to attract new customers. Make sure you 'own' your listing so you can ensure all of your details are correct and you're promoting your company in the best possible way to prospective customers.


  • Login or register (buttons in top right)
  • Go to Find a Business and search for your company
  • Click 'Claim Business' and enter your details (if possible use your company email)
  • We will then need to approve your claim, you will receive an email when approved
  • Once approved, login and go to edit listings (in the 'Find a Business' dropdown menu)
  • Make any necessary changes and save


Membership Plans Promoting and Championing your Business

Annual and Monthly Membership Plans

 Annual Membership 

  • Set up of full listing in relevant category in our directory including:           
    • well written sales description
    • 6 photos
    • all your social media links
    • PDF download
  • One “launch” post on home page, announcing your business and special offer
  • Social media post on both Facebook and Twitter, to promote your special offer
  • Log in to your account to:
    • Include all your events in events calendar
    • Amend your listing detail at any time.

Price:  £100 for 12 months subscription, payable in advance. 

(Membership will be renewed in 12 months’ time unless you cancel.)


£50 Monthly Membership

  • As annual plus:
  • 50% Discount on Promotional Page – see below
  • Ad hoc retweeting of your tweets if you mention @lymingtondotcom
  • Ad hoc sharing of your Facebook posts if you email or message us to ask us
  • Monthly promotional announcement or offer on our Facebook and Twitter pages

Price:  £100 set up (as annual), then £50 per month payable by standing order. (Price for first 12 months)


Other monthly packages can be tailored to suit, starting from £50, for example:


£100 Monthly Membership

  • As £50 monthly plus:
  • Bi-monthly full update of Promotional Page incorporating new product, services, special offers
  • Feature article about updates on home page plus promotion via social media
  • Ad hoc advice eg on social media and email marketing

Price:  £100 set up (as annual), then £100 per month payable by standing order. (Prce for first 12 months)


Optional Elements

  • Promotional Page in the “magazine” section of, linked to and from your listing:  Price £150 plus VAT
    • stands in its own right in Google, a versatile way to spread the word wider and deeper 
    • provides the opportunity to explain in more depth what a business does and why it is different and can be written by us as an actively promoting and championing review feature article
    • for start up and very small businesses with no website of their own it can act as a mini website - helping your business to be found on Google and providing vital information for potential customers
    • for franchises and local branches of larger organisations with a main national website it can act as a kind of “local” website
    • is an opportunity simply to have another listing for your company name in Google and for your product or service, potentially pushing competitors’ pages lower down the rankings.
  • Photographs:  a set of creative photographic images edited and sized for use in listings, on your website, and for promotional videos:  £50 - £250 depending on number of images and complexity
  • Banner advertisement
  • SeeInside virtual tour of your business, can be embedded in your own website and includes   update of your Google business page and a set of still images from the tour:  from £125
  • Promotional Video images and words to music,hosted on our YouTube page which you can also use on your website and your own social media: from £125
  • Facebook and Twitter:  Set up of your business pages, including professionally designed header and profile images: £100 for one, £150 if both commissioned together
  • Email Marketing:  Set up account and header template plus advice to get started:  £100, our service then offers free emailing up to 250 emails per month
  • Individual business website according to your requirements, from simple online brochure to ecommerce:  prices from £750
  • Other Bartley Marketing services – as relevant


All prices subject to VAT
Bartley Marketing Ltd
15 Jan 2015


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Basic Free Listing Membership

  • Business name and contact details
  • Text only description
  • Web link
  • Entry in one category

As basic plus:

  • HTML description
  • Business logo
  • Location map
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Social links inc Brand New Forest, New Forest Marque & Trip Advisor
  • Multiple categories
  • Complimentary retweets
  • 10% discount off introductory Bartley Marketing services
Cost: FREE   Cost: £100.00 per year (+VAT) 
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